Silicone rings are blowing the doors off the active lifestyle market and for good reason. But, are silicone rings safe? The comfort, breathability, and durability are selling points, but the kicker is the safety that a silicone band offers over a traditional ring. Safety is a huge concern with wedding bands when it comes to outdoor adventure or sports and activities where you are using your hands.

Groove founder, Peter Goodwin, created the Groove ring out of a passion to provide men and women around the globe with a safe and rugged alternative to traditional metal rings. Groove products are designed to allow you the freedom and expression to live your life exactly as YOU want.

People often ask about the safety of Groove silicone rings. That’s what we’re here to talk about.

silicone rings safe


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In the medical world, it’s called “ring avulsion.” In the real world, it’s about your skin, tissue, and muscle being ripped off your finger when your ring gets caught on an object. You could even lose a finger in the process. At Groove, one of our top priorities is to inspire adventure! We want to send you on your next outing without the worry of trauma to your digits.

silicone rings keep your fingers safe


You weren’t expecting that, were you? We want them to break! If they don’t break, your finger will and that’s the one adventure we don’t want to inspire. That’s why the Groove Original silicone rings are designed to break at 32 pounds of pressure and the Groove Thin rings break at 15 pounds.


We’re confident that if you wreck on your next mountain biking adventure and try to save your body and ego from injury by grasping onto the nearest tree branch, your Groove Ring may get caught on your way down, but you won’t lose your finger - just your ring.

But then what? Buy another one? No need! Every Groove Ring comes with our “No BS” Lifetime Warranty! No matter what happens to your Groove silicone ring, we’ve got you covered! Stretched? Broken? Cut? Damaged? LOST? We’ll replace it - no questions asked. Even if it didn’t REALLY get swallowed by a shark while you were surfing off the coast of Australia.

Our goal at Groove Life is to keep you happy, no matter what. And we do that by gaining your trust with products you can count on and customer service that will blow your mind.

are silicone rings safe


Groove Life is like no other company in the world! We want to build an adventure community by providing you with top-of-the-line products, over-the-top customer service, and inspiration for your story. Our rings and silicone watch bands let you work hard AND have fun, no matter where your adventure takes you. You can trust that your Groove Life silicone ring will be durable and safe, and it will be replaced it if ANYTHING EVER happens to it! Visit our website to order your next adventure!

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