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Best kids adventure trips for active lifestyle moms.

Hey moms, have you wanted to get out there and adventure with your kids in the great outdoors but you don’t know where to start?

Congratulations… you’re an adventurous mom! You’ve got the spirit of adventure in your heart and that’s the essential first step toward getting out there and exploring the world with your kids.

We know the idea of being “adventurous” can sound intimidating so we got a whole bunch of Groove Life moms together who are living life to the full and asked them to share their advice and life hacks with you!

Whether you’re a mom, plan to be a mom someday, or are just an adventurer who loves to gain new inspiration, you’re going to love these real-life stories of women right here at Groove Life who are doing awesome things with kids in tow.

Riding ATVs and treehouse camping.

Amanda and her family took a trip to Kentucky and experienced some crazy adventures!

“Last month I took my daughters, 8 and 6, on an adventure trip to the Red River Gorge in KY. We went ATVing, kayaked inside a cave, and slept in a treehouse. We went up, down, and all around the red river gorge in an ATV.”

Amanda has a few tips for moms who are thinking about trying a similar trip. “Be ok with things not going as planned. Be flexible and enjoy the moment. My kids enjoyed the treehouse the most of all because we made a fire and they slept in the woods, so slow down and enjoy every moment because just getting in the car and leaving the house is an adventure for your kids.”

- Amanda

Chasing waterfalls on an adventure trip.

Chasing waterfalls as a family.

Stacey lives adventures every day by discovering waterfalls with her kids.

“As a somewhat adventurous mom of a tween and teen, we love to chase waterfalls and go hiking! The best advice I could give for moms that are thinking about taking an adventure trip with these kiddos is... just do it. Lots of times my kids will fight me or want to stay glued to their screens or their iPhones but, once you just get out in nature, start hiking, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and see all the beautiful waterfalls and God's creation, it’s ALL worth it!”


Adventures for moms with several kids.

Ziplining and swimming in Costa Rica.

Summer is one of the most adventurous moms you could ever meet and enjoys skydiving and adventuring around the world with her family! While she loves to go big with her kids, her heart is to encourage moms to enjoy adventures for themselves as well.

“Most recently we took our 4 kids (ages 15, 13, 11, 8) to Liberia, Costa Rica. We had an amazing time zip lining, horseback riding, snorkeling, hiking through the jungle, walking on hanging bridges over the jungle, swimming in waterfalls and enjoying the splendor of local volcanoes, playing in the water at the beach, and of course, enjoying the local food. We made so many fabulous memories together and had so many great experiences but you don’t have to go to a different country to find adventure! It is not about the location, but more about the mindset, the time together, and the memories you are making! As my kids are growing I want to shape them into people who love adventure, who appreciate other cultures, who love learning about new places, and adults that can adapt to new places and situations.

“My suggestion for moms new and seasoned is to take a minute to breathe, remember what’s important, and realize not everything can be perfect all the time. Over plan, give yourself extra time, and take things slow. You might need to take a snack or potty break more often than you originally thought, but that’s ok. Also remember at first it might be hard, most new things are, but don’t give up. Remember, even in infancy, your children are genius sponges that learn quickly, they can learn and adapt. They can also pick up on your nerves, so try to relax, show them the fun they are having, don’t instill fear and nervousness in them about new places or adventures. Let them try and congratulate them when they do try, even if the outcome isn’t amazing.

“We want to lead by example and I want my kids to see that I’m not just an old person that likes to drive them around to their practices and rehearsals. My heart is adventurous too and I want them to see my heart at work!

“Remember you are amazing, you are their mom and they love you! Motherhood is overwhelming, you are doing a spectacular job! The world is proud of you and all of the loving, fabulous moms out there!”

- Summer

Grocery shopping with a baby.

Navigating the grocery store with a baby.

Heather has a nine-month-old son so her adventure doesn’t look like searching for waterfalls right now but that doesn’t keep her from finding adventure in everyday moments!

“I may not be taking my 9-month-old son Elias on hiking trips and traveling around the world just yet, but going out into public can be an adventure all on its own! I test the limits of time making sure I get all of our errands done before it’s nap time and dodging germs by avoiding anything within my baby's reach on the aisle shelves.”

Heather’s tip for moms? “NEVER leave home without a pacifier or a teething toy if you don’t want to suffer a meltdown.”

- Heather

Camping tips for moms.

Camping in the wild with six kids.

As a mom of six, Ahbra’s everyday life stays exciting but she has always loved to get out and experience the outdoors with her family. She’s not afraid to take on wild trips but she also has some encouragement for moms who are new to camping.

“Since my kids were little we have always spent a lot of time outside, taking walks, going to parks, and enjoying nature. The quickest way to stop the “toddler fusses” is to go outside. It’s therapeutic and instantly changes attitudes for the good. We have tent camped off and on but 2 years ago I bought a dinky little pop-up for $750. Once I cleaned her up and had a hitch installed on my little SUV, we were off. Truth be told, I was a little nervous going it alone (without a man) the first time. Backing that thing up the first time was a test of patience and I may have rolled down my window and yelled to the campers in the site beside us, “Look away! Please don’t watch, you’re making me nervous.” But I did it and we’ve made some great memories.

My advice to moms thinking about camping - start small and have a goal. Camp in the backyard to start. Just start! But under no circumstances may you care about cleanliness, dirt, unhealthy snacks, and matching clothes. These things will steal your joy faster than a raccoon will steal your trash.”


Waterfalls in Tennessee!

Hiking local trails in Tennessee.

Mandy loves to take her kids to explore local hiking trails and discover beautiful, hidden waterfalls. She wants moms to know that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed, but to be sure to surround themselves with a good support system.

“One of my favorite ways to spend time with my two daughters is hiking and visiting waterfalls. Ever since they were little, we have always taken short day trips to local parks enjoying many afternoons outdoors together. One of our favorite local waterfalls that we recently explored is Greeter Falls in Tennessee. The water is spectacular! Plus there's a perfect spot for jumping off cliffs and lounging in the sunshine.

“My tip for new moms is to start simply by finding areas close to home that are kid-friendly with easy access to creeks and playgrounds. Moms feel a challenge to always do the right thing. The fear that we are going to mess up our kids is real! What I've found to help ease this tension is to surround myself with other mom friends who support, encourage, and lift me up. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart, but it is definitely the most rewarding thing I've ever done and I would do it again a thousand times over!”


Visiting National Parks with a baby.

Visiting every US National Park!

Blake, one of our incredible Groove Life dads, is married to a resourceful mom who doesn’t shy away from the crazier escapades. Blake and Rachel started their baby out on adventures before he was 1 year old and they haven’t slowed down yet!

“Back in June my husband, Blake, and my 8-month-old son (at the time), Jude, took a 23 day trip out across the country to see 19 national parks! When my husband and I got married we made a goal to visit all the US National Parks in our lifetime, so when the pandemic happened and life slowed down a bit we thought it was the perfect time to go! We had just been given a small teardrop camper that Blake’s dad built, so we were anxious to get out and use it.

We packed our things and pulled the camper with our sedan across 7,500 miles across the country! It was a little crazy at first navigating an 8 month’s old nap and feeding schedule with so much driving and sleeping in new environments, we knew we were going to have to be flexible and patient with him. He actually adapted so well and got the hang of camping a few days in!

For anyone wanting to start adventuring with children, I’d say to just go for it and start small! Sometimes I think we put pressure on ourselves that adventure has to be something crazy or super out there, but really with kids, adventure is anything out of their daily routine and they find fun and beauty in the simplest things.

Motherhood is such an amazing journey and a lot of the time people think becoming a mother means losing your sense of identity or missing out on things that once were big factors in your life. While sometimes those are true, I think perspective is everything, and while our former life without kids is gone, we can still find adventure, purpose, identity, and FUN all while being a parent. We now have a goal to take every child we have on some sort of adventure like we did for Jude. Baby boy #2 is due in July so we are excited to start planning something special to do with him!”


Watching wildlife in the Smoky Mountains.

Allison set off to the Smoky Mountains with her husband and three little girls. While her trip was absolutely breathtaking, we can’t help but adore the video she accidentally captured of her trip because it encapsulates everything about adventuring and parenting: it’s beautiful, it’s crazy, and it’s totally worth it.

“My husband and I took our girls to the Smoky Mountains last October. We have 3 girls, twin 4 1/2-year-olds, Andie and Emma, and a 2 1/2-year-old, Mila. We did a lot of driving into the Smoky Mountains. We went into Cades Cove which is absolutely beautiful. There are stunning views of the hills and you're able to get close to some wildlife. The girls saw a little bear in a tree and a few elk were roaming around. We also drove on Blue Ridge Parkway. This is probably my favorite drive we take every year. The views are breathtaking!

“We go to the Smoky Mountains at least once a year! It's only a few hours to get there and we just love the mountains and the beauty of the area. Since we were still in the thick of Covid, we had to be mindful of what activities to do. Thankfully, there are so many safe activities to do in the outdoors.

“Ask your kids what they want to do! It's fun to gather their thoughts on what an adventure is. Let's be real... sometimes an adventure is going to the local park without a diaper bag (whoops). On a serious note, being prepared in general really helps. We always have a first aid kit in the van, blankets, an umbrella... etc. For the Smoky Mountains trips, the girls each had their own little backpack with fun activities to do in the car.

“Most people only see the highlight reel on social media. Just know, things are going to be hard at times, but you'll make it through and everything will be okay! Your adventure, for example, may not go as planned, but you'll be making memories. Time goes by SO fast, so try to enjoy the little moments.”


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