When you invest in an Apple Watch, you want a smartwatch that is water-resistant, one that is able to survive through sweat, rain, and the occasional waterfall exploration.

Most people deep dive into reviews to find the best Apple Watch out there, but entirely overlook the quality of the watch band! Unfortunately, most Apple watch bands can cause rashes, create cheese wrist, and… well, they’re boring to look at.

In this article, you’re going to receive some advice on what to look for in a quality, waterproof watch band, as well as a step-by-step plan for cleaning your silicone watch band without damaging it in the process.

Breathable Apple Watch Band

Is my Apple watch band water-resistant?

Many shoppers start out by asking if a watch band is water-resistant or if the watch band is waterproof. The question they really should be asking is this: “How does my watch band handle water?”

A watch band might be waterproof, meaning it isn’t damaged by water or doesn’t soak the water up, but it can collect moisture between the band and your wrist causing a rash or smell. Not ideal, right? If you’ve ever worn a typical watch band for an entire day, chances are you know the feeling of a sticky, wet wrist. If you sweat at all, you’re going to see the impacts of that pretty quickly piling up underneath your watch band.

Sweat rashes seem to be something you just have to deal with if you’re going to wear a watch to track your exercises. Right?

Wrong! You don’t have to deal with a sticky wrist or remove your watch before working out if you’re wearing a watch band that is actually created to remove moisture.

If you’d like to find out where to get a watch band like that, skip ahead a section to learn more.

Apple Watch Bands that are Waterproof

Can my Apple watch band get wet?

If you’re looking for a quality watch band that can get wet without getting damaged or causing irritation to your wrist, here’s a little checklist to keep in mind:

- Check the ingredients. Is the watch band made out of quality material such as medical-grade silicone? Medical-grade silicone is hypoallergenic and waterproof so it won’t cause irritation due to allergic reactions and it will not shrink when wet or absorb moisture.

- Check for breathability. What is keeping this watch band from sticking to your wrist like a wet band-aid when you sweat? If the band doesn’t include any breathable technology, this is not a good option for an active lifestyle, rainy days, or long-term wear.

If you’re looking for a watch band that combines breathability with comfort and quality, keep reading! We created the perfect Apple watch band that never sacrifices function for style.

Groove Life Watch Bands

About the Groove Life watch band

We design breathable, comfortable watch bands for Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit devices. What makes the Groove Life watch band different?

- It includes air-in, moisture-out grooves so your wrist can breathe.

- It comes with a built-in comfort arch that keeps the band away from your skin.

- It comes in designs for every personality and individual style!

Breathable grooves make this Apple Watch Band waterproof.

How to clean your watch band.

If you’re out there lifting weights and hiking rugged trails, your silicone watch band probably catches a lot of bacteria. To keep your skin clean and germ-free, make sure you wash your watch band often.

Here’s how it’s done.

- Remove your watch band from your Apple Watch.

- Soak your watch band for a maximum time of five minutes in a bowl of warm water with a little mild soap.

- Grab an old toothbrush and give those inner grooves a gentle scrub.

- Rinse and dry with a clean towel.

- Wear it proudly.

A note…

If you’re purchasing our Vulcan Leather Watch Bands, that cleaning process is going to look much different. Don’t go dunking that watch band in soapy water! Instead, you can give those inner silicone grooves a gentle wipe with a wet paper towel.

Watch bands that are exercise-ready.

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