Summer is here and things are getting sweaty. How do you control that sweat smell when things are at their hottest? And why is that under-the-watch-band wrist area the FIRST and most disgusting place to get sweat buildup? Gross!

If you wear your watch often, you may even have a rash developing on your wrist from all of that sweat. We hate unnecessary sweat with a passion which is why we designed two products that are focused on getting rid of it.

Ditch the watch band rash and stinky wrist by following a few simple steps! Or, skip to the end and learn our secret way to get rid of sweaty watch band rash forever.

3 Steps to Get Rid of Watch Band Rash

How to get rid of sweaty wrists.

1. Give your skin a breather.

The typical watch band sticks to the skin like a wet Band-Aid, capturing sweat and bacteria underneath. If you want to prevent a rash from appearing on your wrist, take some time during the day to give your wrist a break from the band. This will also give your watch band the opportunity to dry.

2. Keep your watch band clean.

With the constant flow of sweat, bacteria can build up under your watch band. Put a little dish soap in a bowl of warm water, remove your silicone watch band from the watch face and let it soak for a few minutes, then scrub gently with an old toothbrush.

3. Switch materials.

If you have a rash on your wrist, you may be having a reaction to the material of your watch band. Try changing up the band material to see if you experience a similar reaction with other types of bands.

Ultimate Solution: Wear a Groove Watch Band!

Best watch band for athletes.

We got sick and tired of sweaty, smelly, breakouts on our wrists after running, strolling, or even just wearing a watch for too long. So, we created the ultimate solution to watch band rash… The Groove Life Watch Band! Created out of hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone, our bands include the following groundbreaking technology that keeps your wrist dry and rash-free!

Inner Breathable Grooves.

All of our watch bands (yes, even the leather ones!) come with our unique inner grooves that allow air-in and moisture-out, keeping the skin breathing. Once you experience the luxury of a sweat-free wrist, you’ll never even look at another watch band again.

Comfort Arch.

Groove Life watch bands have a comfort arch that minimizes wrist contact with your watch band so you don’t end up with moisture trapped under the edges of a too-tight band.

Breathable hypoallergenic watch bands.

Unique Styles and Patterns.

Okay, this one isn’t going to save your wrist but it’s going to make you happy so we threw it in there. We have watch bands for the nomads, the hippies, the athletes, and the sorority girls. Your unique personality is something that should shine every time you put on your watch.

Will Groove Watch bands fit my watch?

We make a variety of bands for Fitbit, Apple, and Samsung watches! You can customize your watch band by style, band length, and watch face size so be sure to check out our variety of options!

Groove Rings and Watch Bands

These watch bands changed my life! Do you make anything else?

Heck yes! Here at Groove Life, we love to change things up and fix problems that exist in adventure gear! So far we created the best breathable ring in the universe, a belt so comfortable that super heroes have been calling us up asking for the blueprint, and these breathable watch bands! We’ve got some exciting new ideas in the works so check us out on social media to stay updated!

Keep Groovin’!