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Introducing the Mayhem Ring by Groove Life

Introducing the ultimate silicone wedding band - the ONLY ring that can match the power and endurance of a 4-time CrossFit World Champion.


rich froning silicone ring

We created a ring that is durable and tough enough to keep up with some of the most high-intensity athletes in the world… Crossfit Champions.

That’s right, the Mayhem ring was designed with input from 4-time World CrossFit champion and winner of the “Fittest Man on Earth,” Rich Froning!

For years, Froning had trouble finding a ring to represent the strength of his marriage commitment that could also withstand the wear and tear of the high-intensity lifestyle of a CrossFit athlete.

“I’ve always worn my wedding band when I’m working out,” Froning says. “A few years ago I realized how dangerous wearing a metal band could be and switched to silicone. But man, those rings you buy in bulk from Amazon really stretch out quickly. I couldn’t stand it! I’m excited to announce I’ve teamed up with Groove Life to promote an amazing anti-stretch silicone ring. It really is awesome!”


If the fittest man on earth gives this ring a thumbs up, you know it can take whatever you put it through! The Mayhem ring is named after Froning’s affiliate gym CrossFit Mayhem and features the CrossFit Mayhem logo, engraved into the medical-grade silicone band.

The ring is perfectly equipped to give athletes a delicate balance of steel-like strength with the gentle flexibility of silicone. This ring will have your back from deadlifts and handstand pushups to the moment when you hold your medal toward the sky at the CrossFit Games.


Meticulously crafted with all of the most up-to-date technology, the Mayhem is resilient, perfect for use during the most strenuous activities, yet designed to snap if it gets caught to protect the finger of the wearer. CrossFit athletes spend many hours a week weight lifting, rope climbing and completing intense challenges that, if they wore traditional rings to the gym, could put their fingers in constant danger.

The Mayhem is formed with Groove’s “ZEUS” exclusive technology. This unmatched “King of All Rings” features 3 bands with separate purposes fused into one power band of strength. The inner band includes an inner arch and breathable grooves and air ports, which allow air in and drive moisture out, keeping your finger sweat-free and workout-ready. The inlaid Zeus Anti-stretch ™ band holds the shape of the ring and keeps it from stretching, while still breaking away safely if the ring gets caught. The outer band, with its distinct beveled edge profile, integrates both style and durability into Groove’s toughest ring to date.


The Mayhem is covered by Groove’s No BS Warranty so if your ring does break or is lost, we will replace it, no questions asked! The Mayhem is designed for both men and women and available in fashion-forward colors and classic neutrals.

Whether you are headed to max your WOD at the gym or competing in the World Crossfit Games like Rich Froning, this ring is for you. With the Mayhem band on your finger, you’ll never have to worry about your ring getting snagged or damaged again.

Don’t let your wedding band hold you back from becoming the champion you know you could be. Honor your commitment with a ring that challenges you to keep pushing forward and setting personal records, regardless of how hard it may be.

Find your Groove here and own it.

We believe in you!


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