Tony Hawk Rings are now available!

So you’ve seen the rumors bouncing around on the internet? Well, we are here to hit CONFIRM! Groove Life partnered with Tony Hawk to create a signature collection of Tony Hawk rings and they are SICK.

When you wear a Tony Hawk ring, you are wearing your determination to work hard, own your moves, and rise to the top every moment of every day. This ring reminds you that you are a champion and you’ve got what it takes to succeed.

Tony Hawk performing a skateboarding trick

Who is Tony Hawk?

Tony Hawk is widely known as a professional skateboarder as well as the owner of Birdhouse Skateboards. He holds 10 X Games gold medals and is the first person to successfully land the “900” - one of the wildest skateboarding moves in history.

Tony Hawk is a skateboarding champion, but he started out just like the rest of us, by trying and failing a LOT. While Tony is a legend to many, he often shares that he started skateboarding right when it was losing popularity, and didn’t initially have what he called “natural talent.” Despite these hurdles, after hard work and a determination to never give up, he won contests at twelve and at fourteen he went pro. He hasn’t slowed down for a moment since then.

According to his website, Tony has given away over $10 million to support and build skateparks across the nation. He may be a star but his heart is for the sport of skateboarding and he is passionate about giving kids a chance to love it as much as he does.

Tony Hawk wears Groove Rings

Why Tony Hawk wears a Groove Ring.

If you’ve been following Tony Hawk lately, you know that he severely dislocated two fingers while skateboarding back in June and actually had to have his wedding ring cut off. Rather than risking an even more severe injury in future, Tony decided to set traditional wedding rings aside for good when he hits the skatepark. Instead, he’s wearing a ring that is literally designed to protect his finger.

About Groove Rings:

They’re breathable.

Hidden grooves on the inner band keep your skin dry and air flowing.

They’re made to break.

In case of an accident, these rings will break away from the finger to protect your hand.

They look totally radical, man!

We have a ring for every mood. From solids to crazy designs, we’ve got you covered.

They come with a warranty.

Scan the details right here.

Tony Hawk likes them.

‘Nuff said.

Tony Hawk Signature Ring Collection

Introducing the Tony Hawk Signature Collection.

The Tony Hawk Signature Groove Ring Collection features Tony’s best designs and is sure to catch a lot of attention from fans of The Birdman.

Tony Hawk Flying Falcon rings

Tony Hawk Flying Falcon

This ring features the official Birdhouse Flying Falcon artwork with a stunning red inner band. This eye catching design is practically a good luck charm for your next day at the skatepark. The Tony Hawk Flying Falcon ring is available in original and thin styles.

Tony Hawk Railslide rings

Tony Hawk Railslide

The Tony Hawk Railslide ring features the official Tony Hawk logo and distressed texture from a well used deck. The Tony Hawk Railslide ring is available in original and thin styles.

Tony Hawk Falcon 3 rings

Tony Hawk Falcon 3

This official Birdhouse Skateboard Deck artwork is a statement of individuality. “Tony Hawk” and “Birdhouse” is lettered in a bold red across the black and white design, giving this ring some extra fire. The Tony Hawk Falcon 3 ring is available in original and thin styles.

Tony Hawk Full Hawk rings

Tony Hawk Full Hawk

The Tony Hawk Full Hawk ring from Groove Life screams power. The black and white design is bold and sleek, wearable on the vert ramp and on the job. The Tony Hawk Full Hawk ring is available in original and thin styles.

Tony Hawk Signature ring

Tony Hawk Signature Ring

The Tony Hawk Signature Ring combines class and simplicity - perfect for the skateboarder who enjoys the pure minimalism of wheels on concrete. The Tony Hawk official signature is etched and hand painted on a solid Groove Ring breathable band.

About Groove Life

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Tony Hawk is a legend and with his signature design on your finger, you’ll be unstoppable.

Keep Groovin’!

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