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3 groovy silicone rings to dig in 2020!

3 groovy silicone rings to dig in 2020!

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

Yo ‘sup dudes! We’ve got somethin’ stellar coming your way… the perfect brand new ring to take you back to the grooviest years in history - the rockin’ '70s.

These rings are radical. They’re wild. They’re gnarly. Best of all...

They’re Tie-Dye! Right on, man!

Whether you’re chillin’ at the pad or ridin’ the waves this week, you’ve got to get your hands on these rad rings.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s boogie into business.

Tie-Dye Rings

What is a silicone Groove Ring?

Here’s the skinny. The Groove Ring is a totally awesome ring, made entirely out of medical-grade silicone. The inside of the ring includes breathable grooves that allow air in and moisture out. Get psyched because with these rings your finger won’t ever get a rash, or worse, get degloved. Neato, right?

Groove Rings also come with a 94-Year No BS Warranty… more on that in a sec!

Tie-Dye Silicone Rings

Why you’ll dig the Tie-Dye Rings

If you’ve been following the latest looks, you know that tie-dye is making a major comeback. The year 2020 needs a little extra pep in its step and this '70s style is just the jam you’ve been looking for. These tie-dye rings are part of our Aspire collection and are now available right here. Check it out!

So why will you dig these tie-dye rings?

Tie-Dye Wedding Band

They’re totally bomb.

If you’re looking for a hip new look, these tie-dye rings are calling your name! Available in three unique designs, each ring in this collection will have your whole neighborhood stoked to buy one, too.

Tie-Dye Rings for Women

You can pick your groove.

Are you into the classic vibe or do you like to add your own flair? These tie-dye silicone rings come in three different styles so you can pick the funky look and rock it in an original way!

Unique Silicone Rings for Women

They’re hardcore, man!

Our silicone rings are dynamite! While you’re out there living crazy, these rings are made to keep up without wearing out! Whether you’re riding the waves and surfing it up or building a bookcase in your living room, these rings will rock on without colors fading or changing shape. 

Collection of Groove Rings

They’ll rebound like you wouldn’t believe.

That’s right… if your ring is lost, breaks, or sinks to the depths of the sea, we’ll do you a solid and replace it. Our 94-Year No BS Warranty is the real deal - and you can scan the deets right here.

They’ll give you super-hip powers.

When you bring back tie-dye, you bring back the solid groove of the ’70s. Those wild years introduced us to Star Wars, disco music, and bellbottoms. Rock that tie-dye and you’ll be amazed at the magic that starts happening around you.

Tie-Dye Groove Rings

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