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5 NFL® Players Who Wear Groove Rings On The Field

5 NFL® Players Who Wear Groove Rings On The Field

Posted by Peter Goodwin on

It’s here, baby!!! No more Monday Night Football this season because it’s all about The Big Game now! So regardless of which football team you’re rooting for in the Super Bowl this year or next, we thought it would be cool to reach out to a few of the players who rep a Groove Ring on the field, while we’re all gearing up for Super Bowl LIV!

We’ve got legendary NFL® Quarterback and future Hall Of Famer Philip Rivers. (Speaking of Philip Rivers, if you haven’t seen the commercial he did with us yet, you should definitely check it out!) We also spoke with Kurt Benkert - Quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, Brent Urban - Defensive Lineman who just signed with the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers Linebacker Oren Burks, and Pittsburgh Steelers Safety Jordan Dangerfield.

There are a ton of players across the NFL® who wear Groove Rings, but we chose to highlight these five with a series of questions. In this article, you will get to hear their stories, gather advice for younger players, and see what their lives are like on and off the field. You’ll also get to learn how their Groove Ring has improved their performance as athletes.

Here we go!

Oren Burks

What is your proudest moment from the game of football so far?

P. Rivers - “Just being on the field for my teammates for 235 straight games is the thing I’m most thankful for.”

K. Benkert - “We were down by 14 in the 3rd against Georgia Tech my senior year, and we had a game-winning TD pass to seal the deal.”

B. Urban - “It was a huge personal victory for me getting to start my first playoff game coming off of a significant injury and having an impactful game for the Baltimore Ravens in 2018/19.”

J. Dangerfield - “Getting to live out my childhood dreams as a pro player. It wasn’t an easy road for me but I made it!”

O. Burks - "My proudest moment would have to be being drafted by the Packers. To me, it represented years and years of hard work to ultimately earn the opportunity to play at the highest level. I was surrounded by close family and friends who all played a vital role in my journey and the moment itself brought out a joy that is hard to explain.”

    Phillip Rivers Groove Ring

    How has your Groove ring improved your comfortability and safety on and off the field?

    P. Rivers - “I always took off my regular wedding band before games. With Groove Ring, I never take it off and I don’t even know I have it on. It’s very comfortable and very durable.”

    K. Benkert - “I wore other cheap rings prior to Groove and they would always slide off or get loose over time. I’ve had the same groove ring for over a year now and it feels just like when I first got it. The quality speaks for itself.”

    B. Urban - “Whenever I’m working out in the gym or practicing, my Groove Ring keeps me comfortable which allows me to play at a higher level.”

    J. Dangerfield - “It has helped in so many ways. I wear it during all my games and workouts. I forget that I even have it on. Very comfortable and fitting.”

    O. Burks - “Groove rings have really been a game-changer for me. There’s no way that I would feel comfortable wearing my normal wedding band during workouts or games. Whenever I am in the middle of a workout and look down, it is a nice reminder of my ‘why’ - which is my family, my wife, and the village that has supported me on this journey.”

      Kurt Benkert

      What are you looking forward to the most in the NFL® and beyond, after football?

      P. Rivers - “I look forward to seeing what’s next as far as the NFL® goes and also one day coaching high school football. I can’t wait to coach my sons and continue to raise our family with my wife, Tiffany.”

      K. Benkert - “I want to be the best player I can be, and positively impact all of the people I come in contact with over the course of my life.”

      B. Urban - “The chance to win a Super Bowl has always been something I’ve dreamt about since I was a little kid. Being able to work towards that every year is a special thing. After the NFL®, I’m looking forward to running my own business, being my own boss, or possibly doing something in the culinary world.”

      J. Dangerfield - “I simply want to leave a legacy that remains after I’ve moved on.”

      O. Burks - “The game of football has opened so many doors for me. Everything from friendship, true times of personal growth, challenges that are meant to be overcome and much more. It also gives you a platform like no other to inspire change in the communities I care most about. Sports transcends all race, class, gender, age, etc. it has the power to unify people for a common cause.”

        Brent Urban

        Who was your greatest inspiration on or off the field? 

        P. Rivers - “My faith, my family, and football are most important to me. Jesus is my #1 inspiration, and my wife and children inspire me everyday as well. Also my mom and dad inspired me as a young boy growing up.”

        K. Benkert - “I would say my wife, Samantha, makes me want to work as hard as I can to make the best life for our future family as possible.”

        B. Urban - “My mom with how hard she worked when I was young. She had a lot of jobs with long hours. She has a work ethic like I’ve never seen before, and she showed me at an early age that if you want something you have to work hard to get it.

        J. Dangerfield - “My son, Josiah, inspires me every day.”

        O. Burks - “Luckily I’ve had a lot of family members who were student-athletes before me, so I’ve always had great examples of how to conduct myself. Surprisingly enough, all of them played basketball, so I became somewhat of an outlier, but still the work ethic and leadership they modeled molded me into who I am today.”


          What would you tell a younger player looking to make it to the NFL®?

          P. Rivers - “I would say to be yourself because it’s gotten you this far! Play the game the best way you know how and don’t ever change that. And never forget that football is what you do, it’s not who you are.”

          K. Benkert - “Get a little better every day. Biting off more than you can chew will only set you back. Small improvements lead to huge gains.”

          B. Urban - “Work with the same attitude whether you fail or succeed. In order to reach your goals, you’ll go through many ups and downs.”

          J. Dangerfield - “Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t make it! Use all the negativity that you may get during your journey as motivation to chase your dream.”

          O. Burks - “Three things that have helped me along the way are focus, persistence, and faith. Focus on your goals by eliminating distractions, be persistent with your process, and have faith in God that things will work out for the better.”

            Jordan Dangerfield

            Bonus Round!!!

            We also asked the guys an extra question just for them! They’re pro football players for goodness sake, can you blame us for wanting to ask more?

            If you love TV shows, you can add that to the list of things you have in common with Kurt Benkert! When we asked him what his favorite TV show is, he said, “Game of Thrones and Stranger Things. I love some good TV.” We’re right there with you, Kurt!

            We asked Brent Urban what the perfect date night with his wife looks like, and he said, “Honestly, when it was just the two of us at home, listening to records and making dinner together.” You didn’t know Brent was a chef and music connoisseur, did you? 

            When we put Jordan Dangerfield on the spot about his favorite candy, he said, “It’s hard to pick a favorite candy since I have a crazy sweet tooth. But I’ll go with the purple bag of Skittles!”

            Oren Burks said that his favorite food by far is his grandma’s rice pudding. “To me, it’s just a great reminder of holiday seasons spent with family.” If that doesn’t make your mouth water, we don’t know what will!


            For Anyone Looking To Live A Life Of Adventure

            You’ve heard from these guys, now it’s your turn to put the old metal ring in the sock drawer and grab a Groove Ring today!

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            And from all of us,

            Keep Groovin’!