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The Best Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Millennials

The Best Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Millennials

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

Millennials are sometimes hard to please when it comes to Christmas shopping! They are often minimalists - they know what they want, and they have what they need! For their friends, family, and Secret Santa…that’s bad news!

You may find yourself halfway through December with NO idea what to give your millennial friend, spouse, or adult kid for Christmas! 

groove silicone watch bandDon’t worry…we’ve got your back. Just this past year, we created the hottest new gift to hit the market! It’s practical, it’s trendy, and it’s totally affordable.

Grab your Santa hats and get ready to celebrate because your Christmas shopping is just about over!

Meet the Groove Watch Band.

Created with air-in, moisture-out technology, this watch band is designed to keep your wrist cool and dry, no matter the adventure you’re on! The Groove Watch Band currently comes in styles that can be compatible with Apple Watch, with new bands on the way for FitBit, Samsung and Garmin.

So, why is this a good Christmas gift for a millennial?

It’s individualized to reflect the personality of the wearer

As you know with just a quick glance at your Instagram feed, millennials are all about self-expression! Their style is “if it’s you, rock it!” Our watch bands come in a wide variety of styles from classic solids to unique dimension bands and even include designs that nod to their favorite adventure!

It goes with technology (and millennials love to stay connected)

Millennials have grown up in a very connected world. While they don’t like to be too attached to technology, millennials appreciate the ability to stay connected with friends, track activity, and be available to those they love! The Groove Watch Band is the perfect accessory to go with the watch they use every day!

It fits in a stocking (#winning)

That’s right, this watch band will fit right in that stocking on Christmas morning! If your millennial is a friend at work, the watch band is also the perfect size for a Secret Santa gift!

It’s totally Instagram-worthy

Our watch bands come in every style, color, and pattern a millennial could dream of! From dimension textures to marbled patterns, you’ll be sure to find one that is the ideal choice to share on the ‘gram. 

It’s earth-conscious

Many millennials are passionate about taking care of the earth and reducing waste. The Groove watch band isn’t made out of plastic which breaks down over time. Instead, it is made out of silicone. It also comes in beautiful patterns that reflect the awe-inspiring glory of sunsets, waves, mountains, and wood.

It’s durable - perfect for sports, adventures, and backpacking trips

You won’t find most people of this generation spending their holiday break playing video games! Millennials love to get out and take on the world! They will often spend their vacation time traveling, climbing mountains, competing in athletic events, and backpacking across the world! The Groove watch band can handle anything adventure your adrenaline-junkie pal can accomplish.

It has a lifetime warranty - if you stretch it, lose it, break it, we’ll replace it

That’s right…you break it, we cover it. In a world of disposable junk, we created an item that will last forever. This Groove watch band comes with a 94-year No BS Warranty. Whether the wearer breaks it, wears it out, or it falls off while they’re skydiving in Hawaii, we’ll replace the watch band, no questions asked!

If you’re still wondering if this is the right Christmas gift for your loved ones, head over to our store and check out the style options! From camouflage to chevron, you’re sure to find the perfect present for that special someone, whether they’re from GenY or Baby Boomers!

Merry Christmas everybody, and Keep Groovin’!