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Groove Customer Feature | ER Nurse

by Addie Minton May 08, 2018

Groove Customer Feature | ER Nurse

Josh, a valued Groove customer, began his career as a firefighter/medic and now works as a nurse in the ER department by day. By night he’s a husband, gym goer, and fisherman.

After wearing a Tungsten ring for years, Josh needed a wedding band that was more flexible for work and life.

Working in the medical field, I wash my hands all day. Soap got stuck under my metal Tungsten wedding ring and my finger itched. I also noticed skin getting stuck under my ring.  As an ER Nurse, it's important for my fingers to breathe so my skin isn’t compromised when I help patients.

Josh ordered two Groove Original Rings - Midnight Black/Red and Anchor - and confidently states, I’ll never go back. The fact that the Groove Ring has the inner breathable groove design is huge for me.

The positive results of switching from a metal wedding band to a Groove Men's Silicone Ring are numerous, according to Josh. Working in the ER, Josh not only washes his hands constantly, but his Groove silicone band holds up well with the constant putting on and taking off of medical gloves.

 It’s great to wear a functional ring that works well for me so that I can take better care of my patients.

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When he’s not working in the ER, Josh wears his Anchor or Midnight Black/Red Groove Breathable Rings while fishing or at the gym.

 Groove Rings are breathable, comfortable and functional. 


I used to wear my metal ring at the gym, but it hurt when I pressed my hand against the bar. My Groove Ring flexes with my hand. I don’t have to remove my Groove Ring, readjust, or take it off when I shower because its functional and comfortable for both work and leisure.

Josh admits that since replacing his Tungsten metal wedding ring with a Groove Silicone Wedding Ring he hasn’t gone back to his “dress” ring.

 I don’t even notice I’m wearing my Groove Ring because it’s so comfortable and nice.

Silicone Rings are safe and comfortable for ER Nurses!


In fact, Josh converted many nurses on his floor to transition from a metal ring to a Groove silicone wedding band. Not only are Josh's patients getting a better nurse, but a community of patients are being better cared for in an emergency situations.

Order a Groove Silicone Wedding Ring TODAY!

Groove is honored to serve a team of ER nurses who save lives with the aid of a functional, comfortable, and breathable silicone wedding band.


As always, Groove is proud to offer a NO BS Warranty! 

Addie Minton
Addie Minton


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