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NFL Rings, Belts, and Watch Bands from Groove Life

NFL Rings, Belts, and Watch Bands from Groove Life

Posted by Joel Kneedler on

Who can forget it?

The now infamous NFL press conference with Indianapolis Colts coach Jim Mora cocking his head to the side as he answers a reporter’s ill-timed question.

“Playoffs. Playoffs? I just hope we can win a game.”

Let’s face it, some years your team ain’t headed to the playoffs.

But you can still gear up for next year.

Good news! Groove Life® is the official licensing partner of the NFL on all silicone rings, watch bands, and belts. You can get your favorite team’s logo on any or all of them!

Check ‘em all out HERE.

With the Groove Ring®, not only is the logo of your favorite team engraved on the ring, you also get a durable, flexible, waterproof silicone ring you can wear in the shop or on the lake. And they’re built to last, kinda like Tom Brady. Who may not retire until he’s 71.

Our selection of NFL Apple watch bands are sleek, durable, and will stick with you like cornerback Trevon Diggs, who just set the single-season interception record for the Dallas Cowboys. 

And when you want toughness, you want TJ Watt and the Steelers defense. You also want the Groove Belt™, the toughest belt known to man.

Plus, they are all backed by the best warranty in the business. 

So whether your team is looking for a new coach or is led by Aaron Rogers, you can keep the faith with your favorite NFL ring, watch band, and belt from Groove Life.

And as the old saying goes, your team didn’t really lose, they just ran out of time.

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