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Simple Health Tips For A Busy Lifestyle

Simple Health Tips For A Busy Lifestyle

Posted by Peter Goodwin on

Everyone wants to be healthy, right? Of course we do. So how come so many people out there aren’t living healthy lives? A lot of it comes down to how stupidly complicated we seem to think healthy living needs to be and how difficult we assume it will be to fit it into our busy lifestyles.

Just think about that - we spend all our lives rushing around at top speed but all we’re achieving is making ourselves more and more unhealthy. But there’s nothing complicated about these simple health tips, all of which you - yes, even YOU - can do while still being all important and busy and all that:

1. Morning stretches 

Ok, start as you mean to go on. Get your body ready for the day’s activities in the right way by skipping breakfast TV (you won’t miss anything) and doing some simple easy stretches, like those in the video we’ve selected above. It’ll take a matter of minutes, cost you nothing and help you in so many ways.

2. Have a simple home exercise routine 

Going to the gym regularly is difficult when you have a busy work/family life, nobody will dispute that. But if you’re not going as often as you think you should be, don’t just veg out on the couch feeling guilty. You don’t need any expensive equipment at home or that much free time to do some push-ups and squats as part of a regular routine, so what’s your excuse again?

3. Get juicing... 

Instead of reaching for a beer, a glass of wine or a soft drink when you’ve reached the end of a long hard day at work, why not reward yourself with something tasty that also will be more than empty sugar and alcohol? Smoothie makers are so affordable now and there’s hundreds of great combinations for you to try

4. Put the right things in 

Making sure the right things go into your body is such an easy way to look after yourself without taking much more effort at all. It’s just a case of taking the right vitamins to supplement your diet and selecting the right diet, consisting of organic, whole food. It’s so simple to find these at health stores, markets, so just add it to your grocery shopping routine.

5. Stand in the place where you work

We as a species spend so much of our time nowadays sitting down and it’s been a disaster for our bodies. However, more and more businesses are realising that they need to look after their staff’s well being and if you want a desk that allows you to stand to work, your employer should arrange that for you. It might take a little adjustment for you (plus feeling a bit self conscious at first) but you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor.

6. Go Paleo

There are so many diets out there, all offering you the chance to lose weight, get fit, yadda yadda yadda, but we’d recommend trying Paleo, which is simple to get used to and yet has so much research behind it to prove that it can be the answer to so many of our modern day health problems.

7. Play

This is the easiest one yet, especially if you’ve got kids or have nephews or nieces nearby. One of the best ways to live a healthy live is to just PLAY. Get out there and have fun with them in the fresh air and your body will benefit in so many ways. You’ll also be getting them away from their video games, which is great for their health too. Look how cool and considerate you are! (PS, try Steal the Bacon!)

8. Sleep 

One of the ways our bodies automatically look after us is by sleeping. You literally have to do nothing and your body will recharge itself for you, but so many of us still get this wrong. Working on some ‘important’ project until 3am and then heading off to the office again at 7am is not going to help you in any way. GO. TO. BED. NOW.

9. Drink water

To paraphrase a famous election slogan, “it’s water, stupid.” Life on this planet couldn’t exist without it, so why aren’t you drinking more water? Sure there’s energy drinks, but unless you’re doing a substantial amount of exercising, these are more likely just adding extra calories to your intake, whereas water is… just water. Remind us again why you aren’t drinking enough of it?

10. Get a buddy

This isn’t general life advice, we mean get someone who you can share this simple journey to fitness with. Someone for mutual inspiration and encouragement and who will be available when you can fit them into your busy lifestyle to get out there and exercise with. You can rely on each other not to let things get in the way like you would on your own.

11. Have snack substitutes available

Whether its at work or in the evening at home, you know when you’re most likely to succumb to the temptation to snack, through either hunger or boredom. So plan ahead. Have something healthy and tasty (fruit, for example) at your fingertips instead of chocolate or biscuits. You’ll kill the craving without killing your healthy lifestyle.

12. Make running fun

So when you’ve decided to make the time in your busy schedule to go for a run or do some other exercise, you need to make sure that you’re going to keep on going. Music will boost your spirits, control your tempo and just make it enjoyable, and there’s so many apps on your smartphones you can use to make your own playlists, etc.

13. Get on the scales 

Those bathroom scales aren’t going to help you if you just let them sit there gathering dust while you live on in denial about your weight. GO WEIGH YOURSELF. We’ll wait. Ok, you’re back? So when are you going to start working on these other tips then? Seriously, if you need motivation to get healthy, a quick dose of reality is going to do the trick. Just make sure you stick to the basic rules, like weighing yourself at the same time each day.

14. Size IS everything

Another really easy way to live a healthier lifestyle is something you can do each and every day without any extra effort. We create so many problems for ourselves by having bad portion control and eyes bigger than our stomachs, so all you need to do is be practical and sensible about how much food you’re putting on your plates.

15. Just dance

Did you know you can burn up to 600 calories an hour by dancing? Did you also know that dancing is FUN? Do we need to draw a diagram here? Get the tunes right, get your disco pants on and have a great time with friends or family just jiving your way to a healthier life. Finding time to go to the gym can be hard. Finding time to dance? Come on...