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    Some call him Bigfoot or Sasquatch, but I know him as Yeti. (We know you exist my elusive friend.) This hat is a reminder for both of us to keep the faith.

    I have a huge fascination with the Yeti and have always dreamed of living in the northwestern United States where the most sightings are said to have occurred. If anyone could find him, it’d be me!

    This hat tells me to keep searching and dreaming. It’s a reminder to stop taking life so seriously. It’s ok to be childlike and silly. Life’s way more fun that way.

    Whether you’re a die-hard Yeti believer like me, or you’re just hoping the world still holds something magical – this hat is perfect for you. Here’s a friendly warning though, wear it and get ready for some attention. The topo lines contained in Mr. Big Foot are from the Yeti capital of the world. Search them to find out the exact location.

    Lana Miller - Wholesale Manager at Groove Life and always ready for adventure

    Groove Adventure Gear Flat Brim Hats are all high quality, Yupong Premium Classic Snapback. Available in Heather Grey, these hats have a classic shape and are made from a premium wool blend. Patches are dye­sub printed with embroidered outlines. They are securely tackle­stitched to the hats to keep them looking good for all your adventures!