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What Makes Groove the Best Silicone Ring in the World?

  1. Breathable Grooves: Our patent pending inner grooves allow air in and moisture out.
  2. Comfort Fit: Groove rings feature a soft outer ring that is non-irritating to adjacent fingers, plus a rounded inner ring that lessens contact with your skin.
  3. Safety First: Made of safe, medical grade silicone, Groove rings won't stretch out with daily wear. However, they are designed to break in compromising situations, potentially saving your finger!
  4. We Customize: Our custom rings are our most popular collection, and man, they look good! Our durable designs are guaranteed to last. Which leads us to our...
  5. Unlimited Lifetime Warranty: Break it, tear it, or even lose it? Groove's got your back! Learn all about it here.
  6. Plus: Groove Gives Back! The way we see it, our mission is to help change the world in whatever small ways we can. Proceeds from our OHT collection benefit wounded veterans and armed service members through Operation Hat Trick.

What Makes Groove Different

Silicone rings have huge flaws... until now.

Silicone Ring Problems & Solutions

When we first designed Groove Rings, we set out to make the best possible product to withstand our active lifestyles in Alaska and now Tennessee (for more on that, read the Groove story). The largest problem we noticed with all silicone rings is that they sweat like crazy, leaving your finger moist and, well, gross. We were so mad about it, we documented all the problems with silicone rings and got to work.

Luckily, Groove solved these issues. We're the first active ring to engineer breathable “grooves” that allow your finger to breathe. This, combined with our comfort fit band, low profile design, and lifetime warranty, makes your Groove purchase a no-brainer.

Groove isn't the least expensive active ring out there, but that's because it works! You're getting the market's only breathable silicone ring, made from the highest-grade elastomer and liquid-poured for flawless detail. We'll stand by our products forever. Check out our No BS Lifetime Warranty for Silicone Rings!

The Toughest Ring in the World? Just Ask Our Partners

Groove + Spartan Race: Spartan is the undisputed leader in obstacle racing around the world. They had a choice to partner with many brands but chose Groove after extensive quality and durability testing. Check out our Spartan Collection here!

Groove + Cabela's: Groove has signed an exclusive merchandising agreement with Cabela's! You can find Groove Rings in every Cabela's retail location across the country. Find a Cabela's or other retailers near you!!

Groove + Mossy Oak & Kryptek Groove has exclusively partnered with Mossy Oak™ & Kryptek® camouflage brands to bring you the ultimate silicone ring for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

Groove Gives Back

Groove proudly supports our armed forces through our partnership with Operation Hat Trick. Show your support and honor our heroes by purchasing one of Groove’s OHT silicone rings! A portion of the proceeds will benefit Operation Hat Trick and their mission to raise awareness and support for our wounded service members and veterans through the sale of OHT branded merchandise.

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