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Groove Ambassador: The Iron Cowboy


 Name: James Lawrence (aka The Iron Cowboy)

Occupation: The Ultimate Triathlete, Dedicated Husband, and Super Dad to 5

Accomplishments: Most notably, two records in triathlon racing. 22 half Ironman races in 30 weeks came first. Then, a mind-boggling 30 full Ironman races in just one year.

What’s Next: The unthinkable 50-50-50: 50 Ironman courses, 50 days straight, in all 50 states.

Words of Wisdom: “First and foremost my motto is ‘No goal too big’, so really go after it! I love seeing people push their limits and shoot for what others think is impossible.”

With 5 kids at home and 50 races to prepare for, the Groove Original is the perfect fit for the Iron Cowboy’s incredibly active lifestyle. It speaks not only to his commitment to his sport, but to his dedication to his family as well. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from Groove Ambassadors!

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