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Pre - order Groove Silicone Ring now.  Rings will ship in February!  


Introducing Groove Ring®, the worlds safest, most comfortable, and stylish silicone ring ever made. Born from need, GROOVE raises the bar on traditional silicone ring design with its flexible material, patent pending inner grooves, and beautiful colors. 

Groove is designed for you - the athlete, the adventurer, the professional, the trend setter.  It begs to be worn, shown and tested everyday no matter what the circumstance. 




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  • Groove Ring® is the first active silicone ring to offer breathable design features that keep air moving and moisture out.   The infinity loops, air-ports and inner arch lessen the contact of your finger with the ring allowing it to breath.    
  • Groove is also the first type of silicone ring to be liquid injected. This process gives Groove its perfect look with no checks, mold lines or flaws!  
  • Groove is made from two separate rings molded together.   The inner ring is slightly firmer giving it the feel of a traditional band.  The outer ring is softer which is very comfortable to your adjacent fingers.  
  • The edges of Groove are eased which prevents it from catching on clothes and other material.   
  • Lastly, the outer arch is just the right height to give the ring a pronounced feel without the pronounced look.  


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