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After 2 years of research and development the Mayhem Ring is here. Featuring our new Zeus Anti-Stretch™ Technology, it's three rings fused together into one. Rich Froning, like alot of men and women, loved silicone rings. However, the amount of abuse he placed on his rings would wear them out quickly. Peter, our founder at Groove, met Rich Froning a few years ago and heard Rich's complaints. They instantly went to work on a solution. Zeus technology is the first of its kind. It features an inner nylon band that allows the rings to be flexible, like a traditional silicone band, but not to stretch. Zeus combines the comfort and safety of silicone with the structure of metal. ZEUS holds the ring's shape and keeps it from stretching, but breaks away at a precise tensile strength. It is the ULTIMATE RING. The Mayhem edition rings are available now. Make sure to reserve yours! Limited quantities are being produced.

Mayhem Anti-Stretch™ Rings


All the benefits of metal with none of the downside—like ripping your finger off. No matter what happens, we will cover your Groove Ring with our NO BS Warranty. It’s the last ring you will ever buy.

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