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The Highest Quality Silicone Rings Money Can Buy

The Details Matter So you want to learn more about Groove Life’s quality, eh? Well strap on your goggles and throw on your lab coat on because we’re going to get nerdy about silicone rings! When you’re mountain biking down a hill in Montana or summiting a 14er in Colorado, the last thing you should have to worry about is why your ring is giving you a rash or why your finger keeps sweating. That’s why everything we ever make is created with the utmost care and quality. And we wanted people to be able to fully appreciate that. So, we wrote this article. Here’s everything you need to know about our silicone rings, where silicone comes from, why it matters, and why we give a dang!

Silicon vs. SiliconE

Let’s start by clearing one thing up. Think way back to high school chemistry. You know that fifth period class you slept through because it was right after lunch? Maybe you remember Si from the Periodic Table? That’s Silicon. So think sand, granite, that kind of thing. The stuff we use for Groove Life gear comes from siliconE. Silicone is a synthetic elastomer that comes from silica and is used for medical equipment, implants, sealants, and insulation. Click here to get even nerdier (is that a word?) about silicone! But there are several classes of silicone. We use a Class VI medical grade silicone because of its biocompatible properties. Translation: medical grade silicone doesn’t cause irritation, allergic reactions, etc.

Why Does It Matter?

So we’ve covered the nerdy stuff, but what does that have to do with quality? Why should I care what kind of silicone you use? Well, it all goes back to comfort and breathability. When you're hauling in that first monster catch of the season, we think you deserve a ring that conforms to your skin while allowing it to breathe. The best quality silicone possible combined with our signature breathable grooves is what makes our rings the most comfortable silicone on the market.

Is Silicone Bad for the Environment?

All of you environmentally conscious adventure seekers were probably wondering about this too. We’re glad you asked! Actually, silicone is perfectly fine for the environment. Unlike plastics, silicone doesn’t break down easily or quickly, which is great. When plastics break down, they release harmful chemicals into the oceans and are one of the leading causes of ocean pollution. Plus, any fragments of plastic in the water may appear as food for many sea creatures but their consumption often ends in the death of the animal. Silicone, however, is not a toxic material for animals that live in the ocean or for soil organisms, and it is not dangerous. It doesn’t break down in the ocean and it is recyclable, dissolving into harmless, non-hazardous materials when burned. For more information on Silicone’s environmental impact, check out our blog post from earlier this summer!

Post Purchase Quality

A lot of companies stop caring about quality after a customer buys their product. Once you purchase, they send you on your merry way and pray that you don’t contact them with questions. But here at Groove we take pride in all our gear, so everything we offer comes backed by our No BS 94 Year Warranty. We also have an incredible customer experience crew that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we are happy to say that we respond to our customers’ questions and comments the same day they make them, and sometimes even within the same hour! The Takeaway We provide the best quality silicone ring possible because we believe you should be able to trust what you buy. And if you still don’t believe us about our incredible quality, check out some of our reviews below: