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What You Need to Know About Most Silicone Rings

Whether you've already jumped on board the silicone ring train or are still a silicone skeptic, there are three major issues with these bands of rubber to contend with. Read on for the reasons most silicone rings suck and what can be done about them!

Why do people wear silicone rings?

  1. Regular rings make your fingers sweat like crazy and don't breathe

  2. Normal rings are bulky and uncomfortable

  3. The warranties on normal rings don't last

  4. If you lose your silicone ring, it won't be thousands of dollars lost

  5. They break off if pulled to keep you from ring avulsion

They sweat like crazy!

Silicone Ring Problems & Solutions

Not that you'd ever do something so bizarre, but imagine wearing a tight rubber shirt on a hot day. Yep, you'd be hot, sweaty, and unbelievably uncomfortable to say the least. So why do that to your poor finger?

Silicone is nonporous and wearing it tightly around your finger will cause it to sweat. If the ring is not removed regularly, your finger will start to prune. The skin will turn white, and eventually your finger could get infected. Gross, right?

They are bulky and uncomfortable!

Silicone Ring Problems & Solutions

Active rings were created for people who work, play, and live life on the edge, so wearing a bulky ring is just asking for trouble. Typical silicone rings are too bulky, catch on everything, and have a tendency to rub adjacent fingers raw. No bueno!

Terrible Warranties

Although it seems counterintuitive, a silicone ring's most important job is to break (only in compromising situations, of course). Whether you're climbing a rock wall or lifting weights at the gym, silicone rings are designed to stretch or break to protect your finger if something goes wrong. And we all know that if you're an active person, something will go wrong eventually!

The whole purpose of these rings is to break when you need them to, however most brands don't offer any type of extended warranty for their silicone rings! Why would you buy a ring without a lifetime warranty if it's likely to be unwearable one day?

Problems Solved!

Have you had these problems? Our founder, Peter Goodwin experienced them first hand and they didn't sit well. As an Alaskan bush pilot and adventure lodge owner, Peter resolved to change things with some real solutions for his active lifestyle.

"When active rings first came out, I loved the idea! I hadn't imagined ever owning a band that would be able to handle my lifestyle, so I ordered one right away… and then another one, followed by brand after brand.

After trying them all, I realized there were ZERO rings on the market that were actually functional for me. I couldn't be the only one, so I went to the drawing board to tacked each issue one at a time."

- Peter Goodwin, Founder & CEO of Groove Life

What Groove Does Differently

  1. Groove Rings Breathe: We designed patent-pending inner grooves that allow air in and moisture out. See ya, sweaty finger.
  2. Low Profile: Groove lowered ring profiles, making them sleek and comfortable, not bulky or irritating to adjacent fingers.
  3. Unlimited Lifetime Warranty: It couldn't get any better than this. Groove's got your back, no matter what happens! Learn all about it here.

"Here in Alaska, we're pretty hard on equipment and we love lifetime warranties. This is why we decided to offer an Unlimited Lifetime Warranty for Groove silicone rings. If you break it, stretch it, or even lose it, we will replace it— forever!

It's a crazy offer, but it's the only offer we could be proud of. We aren't trying to get rich, we just want to make great products that you can trust." — Peter Goodwin

Groove Life is guaranteed to be best ring you'll ever wear. Try it now and receive FREE SHIPPING and check out with code SHIP4FREE.

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Groove is MORE Than a Ring

After countless hours of hard work and determination, Groove Life has built more than the world's safest, most comfortable ring. In fact, we often see customers buying multiple rings. Some wear them as a commitment to marriage, but many wear them as a reminder to themselves and a statement to the world that they are committed to their mission and goals!

In this way, Groove Life has become more than just a functional ring. It has truly become a lifestyle.

"It's been fun hearing all the stories told by Groove customers from around the world who rave about their Groove Ring, but what we hear the most is how much they love our customer service. We're a small company that strives to meet the practical needs of our customers while also inspiring them to commit, push the limits, and achieve.” — Peter Goodwin

Worn by Pro Moms, Pro Athletes & More

Groove has been put to the test by people in every walk of life. Whether it be triathletes, CrossFit trainers, pro football players, business professionals, or busy parents, Groove rings represent commitment for thousands of people worldwide. Check out the adventurous individuals that are rocking a Groove Ring today!

We Revolutionized the Ring (... And Had Fun Doing It)

As if breathable grooves weren't revolutionary enough, Groove Life recently took silicone rings to the next level with our brand new line of Dimension Rings. This collection features 360 degree, 3D designs that truly stand out from the crowd. Watch below to see what inspired these styles (and to get a hilarious glimpse of a day in the life of Groove).