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What is a silicone wedding ring, and why would you wear one?

Silicone wedding rings are made of silicone rubber, designed for people who need the comfort and safety traditional wedding bands can’t offer. They’re heat resistant, non-conductive, and an ideal choice for any active lifestyle or work environment.

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Choose any solid color silicone wedding ring and make it YOURS with customization unique to every lifestyle. Pick from over 40 engraving options to represent your passion, commitment, partner, or adventures.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do silicone wedding rings fit true to size?

We often recommend choosing a half size down, but we can help determine your size right now! Head over to our sizing page where we have a super handy measurement guide to either print off, or just use on a mobile phone. If you don’t want to do that, just guess! Our easy exchange policy will ensure a perfect fit.

Do silicone wedding bands stretch?

Groove rings are uniquely designed to stretch over your knuckle but still have a snug fit once it’s on your finger. These rubber wedding bands should not stretch out. However, if you find yours doesn’t fit like it used to, we will gladly send you a brand new one for free— guaranteed!

How long do silicone wedding rings last?

We guarantee that your Groove ring is the LAST ring you’ll ever have to buy! Over time, your ring might stretch a little, or if you’re really hardcore, you may break it. The good news? If that happens, or if you ever become unsatisfied with your rubber wedding band, we’ll send you a brand new ring FOR FREE.

Are silicone wedding rings safe for the job site?

Yep! Whether you’re an electrician, work with heavy machinery, or are constantly pulling on latex gloves, Groove rings are an awesome solution for work and play. They’re heat resistant, non-conductive, and designed to break under pressure. This way, if your rubber wedding ring ever gets caught on something, your ring will break but your finger won’t. Plus if this happens, we’ll happily send you a replacement in celebration of your still-intact finger.

How long will it take for my Groove silicone wedding ring to arrive?

We’ll ship all orders USPS first class on the same day for orders made before 10am EST. For all orders after 10am EST, your order will ship the following day. Typical transit times range 3-5 business days depending on your location. All U.S. shipping is a flat $1.99… good deal right?

Can I return my ring if I change my mind?

Absolutely. Your Groove ring comes with a 94-Year Unlimited Warranty. No matter what happens, we’ve got your back and are happy to exchange your ring for free (even if you lose it). View the warranty now to get all the details.

How do I exchange my ring for a different size or color?

It’s super easy. Fill out this form and we’ll get your exchange going right away!



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Let’s be honest. Life is too busy and too adventurous for a traditional wedding ring to be practical every day. Active people need an alternative ring that provides the comfort and safety traditional wedding rings can’t offer. With its superior design, functionality, and comfort, Groove rings are a game changer for all types, including:

Make a statement and represent your commitment with a premium silicone wedding ring for every lifestyle. Check out all of our collections below!


  1. 1 | Flexible yet crazy tough
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  3. 3 | So freakin' comfortable you won't know it's there. Guaranteed
  4. 4 | Customizations that look DAAANG good
  5. 5 | No BS Warranty--Break It, Tear It or Lose it
  6. 6 | Groove Gives Back to heroes and kids

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