Groove silicone rings are tough, durable, and ready for anything you throw at them.  However, Groove is designed to stretch or tear under pressure for your safety. No matter what happens we want you to know we have you covered if your Groove is damaged.  Regardless of what happens, you cut it, stretch it, stick it in nuclear waste or even LOSE it we will replace it no hassle!  It's our mission to make you raving mad (in a good way) about Groove!  We want our rings on your fingers and will go overboard to make you happy!  


1.  I have had my Groove for 2 years and it got caught on something at work.  Is it covered?  YUP! 

2.  I took my ring off for a second and my dog chewed it up. Is it covered?  YUP!

3.  I stuck my hand into a box of razor blades and it cut my ring.  Is it covered?  YUP!

4.  I purchased my Groove but my wife finally told me she doesn't like the color.  Can I exchange it for a new color? Is it covered?  YUP! *

5.  I was surfing off the coast of Antarctica and my hand shrunk in the cold water.  My ring fell off and a penguin ate it.  Is it covered?  YUP!**

6. What's not covered?   No matter the circumstance we have you covered!  



If the case arises where you need to replace or exchange your ring we make it super easy.  Simply shoot us an email : Support@GrooveLife.co  or call 888-981-5550 M-F 9am-5pm central time.  


1.  Name

2.  Order #

3.  Description of problem

That is it!  We will take it from there!   

The fine print :)
  • If your ring is defective or is damaged and you report it to us anytime within the first year we will replace it and cover all shipping. 
  • If after 1 year, you damage your ring we will replace the ring for free but you will be charged a small $6.00 shipping/handling fee....reasonable, right? 
  • *If you would like a new color within the first two weeks of receiving your ring, we will exchange it for you.  However you will be charged $6 for shipping/handling.
  • **If you lose your Groove we would love to replace with a new one, however you will be charged $6 for shipping/handling.  
  • To initiate a return/exchange simply shoot us an email at Support@GrooveLife.co .  You must have the order number from original purchase.  If you purchased from other online or physical retailers you will need to send us your damaged ring before we send you a new ring.  We are not able to replace lost rings unless purchased from our site www.groovelife.co.  
Silicone Ring Sizing Guide By Groove Ring

Purchasing a ring online is typically a challenge but not anymore.  Our super handy measurement sheet below is a sure fire way to get an accurately sized ring the first time. If after you size your finger and still don't get the right size, not to worry.  We have an easy exchange policy to ensure a perfect fit.  Click on the picture below to download and print.  IMPORTANT: Groove is designed to be worn snug to your finger. Even if you know your size please re-measure.  

Desktop Computer (need a printer)
Mobile Phone (need a ring)

Important:  For silicone ring sizing accuracy page MUST be printed @ 100% on your printer settings

Note: GROOVE silicone rings breathe and are design to be worn snugly on your finger. If you are a half size we recommend sizing down.

String Test

The Paper Test

silicone ring sizer

The Ring Test

And that's it!  You should have the perfect fit for your new Groove Ring!  Remember if your ring doesn't fit correctly after receiving it we will replace it for free.