Groove Aspire | Silicone Rings

Aspire Collection: Uniquely designed silicone rings for adventurous women everywhere

No need to sacrifice style or risk losing your traditional ring while you’re out conquering the world. Aspire silicone rings are a way to express your unique personality while wearing a safe alternative to a metal band.

Represent your heart for adventure with bold patterns and rich colors inspired by nature and brand new to the Aspire collection.

About Groove Life's Aspire Silicone Rings

Designed and tested in Alaska by Groove Life's CEO, Peter Goodwin. Successfully kickstarted in 2015, alongside the Original, Groove Thin surpassed its goal and launched a company!


  1. 1 | Flexible yet crazy tough
  2. 2 | Breathable Silicone Grooves Keep You Dry
  3. 3 | So freakin' comfortable you won't know it's there. Guaranteed
  4. 4 | Customizations that look DAAANG good
  5. 5 | No BS Warranty--Break It, Tear It or Lose it
  6. 6 | Groove Gives Back to heroes and kids

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We will stand behind a Groove Ring FOREVER.

Check out our NO BS warranty here!

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Groove Aspire styles are available for a limited time. New silicone wedding rings will be released regularly, and current styles may be discontinued. Collect all of your favorites while you can!

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