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6 Essentials to Have in Your Wilderness Survival Kit

6 Essentials to Have in Your Wilderness Survival Kit

Posted by Ryan Skidmore on

Whether you are a survival camper or simply someone who likes the outdoors and wants to be prepared for an emergency when exploring, then you should have a survival kit. But not all survival kits are built equally. You need to make sure your kit has the essentials you need, and no extra fluff weighing you down. Here are 6 essentials you absolutely have to have in your wilderness survival kit. 

Water Purifier or Filter

When you are out in the wilderness you won’t always have access to clean, fresh water. So in an emergency situation you have to have a way to make your own clean water. Water purifiers or filters come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but they all work by filtering toxins and pollutants out of your water to make it safe to drink.

We recommend a small water purifier that fits into your kit easily. There are even straws that are water filters that may be the perfect fit for a survival kit where you are trying to save space as much as possible.

Multipurpose Tool

Having a multipurpose tool allows you to have most every tool you might need on a day to day basis in the wild, while simultaneously saving space. There are many different kinds of survival tools out there but you should always prioritize craftsmanship and quality over all else.

When selecting a multipurpose tool for your wilderness survival kit, you should look for one that has a sharp knife, serrated knife, tweezers, screwdriver, pliers, and scissors.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is one of the more obvious essentials – and should be the first and most important thing you bring with you on any camping trip. You health and safety comes first and having a first aid kit will allow you to prevent small injuries that are inevitable in a survival situation from becoming major health concerns.

Make sure your first aid kit has Advil, band-aids, gauze, medical tape, an ice pack, and a flashlight.

Fire Starter

A fire starter is another survival essential, without fire you cannot get heat, cannot cook, and it will make it harder to be found. Fire starters come in a lot of forms. There are string based starters, wood based, paper based, etc.

Just make sure you have a lighter and matches. And a fire starter of your choice, and make sure they don’t get wet.

Safety Whistle

Having a safety whistle is great to make noise to be found, or to scare of predators like bears and other large animals. Safety whistles are great because they don’t need batteries, and are small and portable.

Look for a safety whistle that is very, very loud. The loudest that you can purchase. You want to be heard from as far as possible and the louder your sounds are, the better for scaring away unwanted animals.

Thermal Blanket

This one is particularly essential if you camp in colder areas or climates, or anywhere that the nighttime temperature dips into the sixties or lower Fahrenheit.

When purchasing a thermal blanket, make sure you get one made out of mylar. Mylar blankets were invented for the Apollo space missions by NASA, and are the standard for survivalist. Many fleece blankets try to claim that they are thermal blankets, but they will not be so useful in the wild.

The peace of mind that comes with being prepared is like nothing else. Knowing that your wilderness survival kit is stocked can help alleviate the stress that comes with a strenuous camping trip, particularly if you participate in survival camping. Make sure your kit has these six essentials to ensure that you will be taken care of in the wild.

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