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Groove Life Partners with Brümate and Puffin Coolers to Create the Retail Relief Program

Groove Life Partners with Brümate and Puffin Coolers to Create the Retail Relief Program

Posted by Lana Miller on

One of our core missions at Groove is to inspire adventure. There are many people whose great adventure in life is owning, running, and maintaining a retail store. These are the brick and mortar stores throughout our community that make our towns so unique and special, and we are proud to call many of these store owners and their staff our retail partners. During this time of chaos in our world due to COVID-19, many of our retail partners have had to make the tough choice to temporarily close the doors of their storefront and essentially cut off most (if not all) revenue. We started racking our minds and asking, “How can we help our partners and provide any sort of stability during this unstable time?” 

After a quick call to Peter Goodwin, owner of Groove Life, we came up with the Retail Relief Program. This program, in partnership with Brümate and Puffinwill provide support to our retail partners during this time. 

From now until the end of April, retailers that have Groove Life products or don’t have Groove Life products in their store will receive 27% of online sales in the form of a check, if the consumer uses a unique code provided to retailers. This program is designed to financially help support all brick and mortar stores due to the impact of COVID-19 on the industry. 

We want nothing more than all store owners to continue on this adventure in life and to inspire adventure in others. We believe that we all have a legacy of adventure to live and leave behind, so let’s team up, and inspire adventure together! #supportlocal

retail relief program


STEP 1:  If you have a physical retail location, please fill out the form here.

STEP 2:  We will email you a unique discount code and graphic to share with your friends, family, and customers.

STEP 3:  At the beginning of May, we will calculate the total revenue driven with your code, and mail you a check for 27% of sales.

You do not have to be an active retailer with us to participate. We are supporting ALL retailers.

We appreciate retailers for all that they do and are ready to do our part to support them during this time!

Keep Groovin'!

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