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How to keep your adventurous spirit during a pandemic.

How to keep your adventurous spirit during a pandemic.

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

The spirit of adventure doesn’t thrive when traveling is limited, for some even getting outside is limited, and everything seems… different.

It’s hard to stay adventurous when life feels out of control.

We feel ya, friend. We’re there too! 

If you know anything about Groove Life, you know that we don’t like to sit back and watch the world go by. We get out there and live life to the max! Whether that means catfish noodlin’, wing walking, NASCAR racing, or creating brand new products, we’re here for the thrill!

Since we’ve given this question so much thought, we decided to put all of our adventure ideas in one place so you can give them a try, too!

adventures while in quarantine

But first…

Before you launch into these ideas, the best thing you can do is sit down, grab a pen and paper, and take some notes on what gets YOU excited! What are some things that make you want to throw on some Braveheart war paint and conquer each day with fire in your soul? Write THAT down. Get an idea for what makes you come alive. The answers you find might surprise you.

If you’re already living your adventure and you just need the gear to keep up with your crazy lifestyle, click here!

Our Awesome Ideas:

Without further jabbering, here we go! Enjoy our list of 10 things YOU can do this fall to keep that adventurous spirit up and running!

Adventure in the outdoors.

1. Go on an adventure hike.

If you live near the mountains, hike to the top of one! If you don’t, find a nearby wooded path to roam, or check out some local biking trails. Get out there and move in the beauty of the great outdoors!

2. Explore a new part of town.

Even if you live in an area where most businesses are closed, you can still take a drive! Roll down the windows and cruise downtown or find some backroads you’ve never driven before! Try to find a place you’ve never been and explore! You don’t even have to get out of your car to have a great time.

3. Play some backyard frisbee

Whether you take a walk to an empty parking lot, hit up your local park, or stick to the backyard, a little game of frisbee adds a lot of fun to an average day.

Camping and kayaking outdoors during a pandemic

4. Go camping

When you’re camping, you rarely come within 6 ft of another human! If you’re a wilderness explorer, camp in the wild! If you’re less into that life, rent a camper, or pitch a tent at a nearby campground! Fresh air + shaking up your typical rhythm = adventure.

5. Camp out in your living room

Take this one and run with it! You could pile the living room with pillows, set up a tent with sheets and chairs, or bring in your entire mattress if you want to! Sip some hot chocolate and watch a fun movie from your living room - that’s an easy adventure to pull off right there!

6. Film a sitcom episode

Chances are, your life is a little different than your usual “norm” right now. Grab your smartphone and create a little fun sitcom episode. This season won’t last forever, but you can create something to laugh at for years to come. The more you can laugh at the craziness, the better.

Go fishing this autumn.

7. Go fishing

If you live near a creek, lake, or even a pond, you can easily make a fishing trip happen. All you need is a little bait (check your backyard for worms) and a pole and you’ve got a mini-adventure. Bonus points if you bring your kids along for this one.

8. Have a baking night

You’ve got to have a little courage letting the whole fam into the kitchen. Talk about a mess! But courage is an essential ingredient in every adventure. Rassle the whole fam and bake everyone’s favorite guilty treats! Then take them into your living room tent and have a party!

Get outside and enjoy the outdoors.

9. Go on a walk

No hiking nearby? No worries! Head outside and take a walk around your neighborhood. If you want to add a little bonus challenge, try and see if you can discover three things you’ve never noticed before. Was that garden gnome there before?

10. Sign up for a challenge

Always wanted to run a half marathon? Go for it! Considered taking up knitting? Why the heck not!  Have you always wanted to get a master’s degree? Now is a great time! Whether it’s something funny or something challenging is entirely up to you!

Silicone Rings for Adventurers

Your turn.

That completes our list, but the fun doesn’t end there! Create your own list! If you try one of these ideas, take a photo and tag us on Instagram! We want to see the fun you’re having. 

Remember, the keys to adventure aren’t gear, opportunity, or even fitness. Instead, you need a little courage and the willingness to try new things. That’s how our founder Peter Goodwin came up with the Groove Ring in the first place, and look how big his dream became! If you’ve got courage and an open mind, the world is yours.

Now get out there and live your adventure today!

Keep Groovin’!

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