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Police Week

Police Week

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

Just a few seconds of imagining what the world would look like without law enforcement has us pretty stressed. Yikes! Not a pretty picture.

Police officers work tirelessly to keep us safe, and they do a real’ good job at it. As National Police Week rolls around, we want to do an extra good job of thanking our law enforcement this year of 2020. Life hasn’t slowed down much at the police department - if anything… it has gotten busier!

While you may not be able to throw a party for your law enforcement acquaintances, we did some thinking and came up with a few ideas you can do to back the blue and thank police officers for all of their hard work.

While Police Week will look a little different than years past, you can still honor and celebrate your local law enforcement and police officer friends in a few creative ways! One way you can show your support is by wearing or gifting them a protector police blue silicone ring, customized to honor them.

*If you are an active, veteran, retired military member, medic, or healthcare worker, we have a special price for you! You’ll receive 15% off any rings in our Hero Collection. Click here for more details!

police hero silicone breathable ring

All about Police Week

Police Week has been around since President Kennedy proclaimed it in 1962. While the whole week is a time of honoring officers, May 15th specifically is recognized as National Peace Officers Memorial Day. Police Week also includes a moving candlelight vigil for officers who have lost their lives.

Unfortunately, social distancing is keeping us from holding the candlelight vigil in person this year, but that shouldn’t and won’t stop us from honoring fallen police officers. It will still be held virtually on May 13th. 

What you can do to honor police officers

It will take a little extra creativity to plan a surprise for your local law enforcement this year, but we did the work for you! Here are a handful of ideas we had up our sleeve and we think they’ll go a long way to honor officers. Feel free to take up one of these ideas and run with it, or come up with one of your own!

1. Light a candle

Since the candlelight vigil is virtual this year, you can join in from wherever you live! Click here to learn how you can light a virtual candle in memory of an officer.

2. Bring a surprise to your local police department

Pick up a box of cookies and drop it off at your local police department! Or, you could even call and simply have them delivered! This is a very no-hassle way to honor those who serve your area and it is guaranteed to make their day.

3. Say thank you

Next time you interact with a police officer, take the time to pause and say thank you! Let them know that you don’t take their dedication for granted! They are keeping us safe… let’s treat them with honor in return.

4. Show your support

Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) is one of the nonprofit organizations that we support at Groove Life. Because of the current social distancing measures, their biggest fundraiser was canceled. Please click the link above and join us in supporting this important cause.

breathable silicone ring for police officers

5. Buy a hero ring

While you can’t wear a police badge to support your loved ones in law enforcement, you can wear a customized silicone ring in their honor! In fact, we have an entire collection of rings that are specifically dedicated to those who serve as everyday heroes, including nurses, firefighters, and police officers. Whether you buy the ring for yourself and wear it proudly, or give it as a gift to your police officer friend, it is a powerful way to serve them in return. This is also a great gift to celebrate officers who have recently advanced to the next police rank.

What is a Groove Ring?

Groove Rings take silicone rings to a whole new level. While most silicone rings stick to your skin like a wet band-aid, Groove Rings are breathable, comfortable, and designed with safety in mind. We won’t go into the details of ring avulsion (ask Jimmy Fallon about that) but you don’t want it. Groove Rings break away from the finger safely when caught, so your hand is protected. Plus, they include inner grooves that allow air in and moisture out, keeping your finger dry and skin breathing.

police week ring

Why is a Groove Ring ideal for police officers?

Many professions make it either difficult or impossible to wear a ring on the job. Police officers often have to leave a traditional wedding band at home because it could get stolen or draw negative attention. Groove Rings are durable, and come with a 94-Year No BS Warranty that covers damage and loss!

Finally, if you’re a police officer reading this, we want to offer you our heartfelt thanks for your service. You are our real-life superheroes out there keeping the world safe one day at a time. We know where we’d be without you and it isn’t pretty.

Thanks for everything. We honor you.

Keep Groovin’!

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