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shark diving

Our Latest Adventure? Welcome to SHARK DIVING!

Posted by Kevin Beasley on

Holy Sharkbait Batman! Talk about ADVENTURE...

 Imagine minding your own business in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, just off the southern coast of Florida (well, we know you're not generally just minding your own business in the middle of the Atlantic, but work with us.)

shark diving

You look straight down and see two bull sharks 60 feet below headed straight up to check you out? Or what about the tip of a shark snout bumping you on your lower leg and running the length of it's body along your bare skin? We couldn’t either until we took a trip to Jupiter, Florida for a shark diving adventure with Chris Cameron and the Shark Addicts diving crew on their Apex Encounters Tour! And it was an adventure we will not soon forget!

dive with sharks

A few of us over at Groove Life encountered multiple species of sharks on our dive, but the crowd favorite was the fully interactive Lemon Shark. As soon as we dunked our heads under that beautiful blue Atlantic seawater, we were transported to another world. The grace and beauty of the ocean’s most feared sea creatures literally took our breath away! Check out this video for a glimpse into our visit to another world just off the Jupiter, Florida coastline.

Our Epic Adventure with Shark Diving 

Why Would Anyone Swim With Sharks?

Why would someone submit to submerging themselves into the deep knowing that dozens of sharks are swimming around looking for their next meal? Here at Groove, we believe we all have a legacy of adventure to live and leave behind. And you can’t leave that legacy sitting on the couch! So every chance we get, we want to get our butts up, our nose out of the screens and dive headlong into adventures that lift us to a higher level!

shark diving

And not only that, but--well... we do what we do for you! Groove Life is utterly committed to sharing our stories to inspire you toward your own adventures. Life with no adventure is no life at all.

You've Got This!

Every time we go on a new trip, we are blown away by how easy and accessible adventure is. The Apex Encounters trip is only $200 for a half-day in the water with REAL WILD SHARKS!

Seriously, get out and find these amazing opportunities and adventure guides and experience life to the fullest!

We want to show you that if we can do it, YOU CAN TOO!


Would You Go Shark Diving?

Keep Groovin'!

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