Why Groove Life Has the Best Apple Watch Band

by Laura Ulveling February 20, 2019 1 Comment

Why Groove Life Has the Best Apple Watch Band

Imagine this: you’re running your first ever full marathon today. You’ve tightened your shoelaces, stretched your legs, and charged your Apple watch in preparation for the big race! Everything is in order; everything is ready.

The race starts. You’re getting in the groove: feet pounding, arms pumping, eye on the prize. Then, you feel it. The beloved Apple watch that you desperately rely on to keep you at the right pace is starting to burn your wrist, creating a watch band rash with its sweaty, sticky, non-breathable band. This could be the end of your running career, and it’s all because you didn’t buy a Groove band. Okay, we’re kidding, but let’s definitely make sure this adventure doesn’t happen. Well, at least the rash part.

Our Breathable Apple Watch Band

Here at Groove, we have been known for our sweat-free, rash-free, danger-free wedding rings since we were founded in 2015.

Today, we are so excited to share our brand new product with you on Kickstarter: the best (and grooviest) Apple watch band on the market. Meet the Groove Breathable Watch Band.

Why We Have the Best Apple Watch Band

You may be thinking, why would a third party watch band be a better choice than the original Apple band?

Here’s the difference. We are not creating a watch band for Apple. We are creating a watch band for you, the marathon-running, mountain climbing, deep-sea fishing, hard-working you, who needs something better than average.

So, what makes our Groove Watch Band the best one on the market?

best-apple-watch-band-breatableComfort Inner Arch: Groove Watch Bands have a comfort inner arch to allow more air flow and to keep your skin dry!  Say goodbye to sweat rashes and stinky wrists and say hello to more adventures!

Breathable Grooves: Our bands also include breathable grooves that allow air in and moisture out. Thanks to the comfort arch, there is very little moisture that does collect when you wear a Groove Watch Band, and the sweat that does form will simply escape through the grooves!

No BS Warranty: We stand behind our products by offering an unlimited lifetime warranty for every purchase! We created the Groove Watch Bands to be the highest quality so we can stand behind them... no sweat!

Uncompromising Durability: Adventure is out there! You can count on your Groove Watch Band to withstand any challenge that you can handle, while still looking fresh with that non-slip, durable design! ;)

Hypoallergenic: Our watch bands are completely hypoallergenic. Non-printed bands are 100% silicone while our printed designs are an elastomer blend with a durable graphic coating on the surface.

Unique Designs: You are an original, and your watch should reflect that! Groove Watch bands offer a variety of unique bands from solid colors and exclusively licensed camo patterns to trendy designs and 3-dimensional laser-cut patterns.

Just like 2+2 always equals 4, top quality design + the trendiest styles = Groove Watch Bands.

Choose the Best Apple Watch Band on the Market

As you’re deciding whether or not you’re ready to commit to the Groove +Life, take a moment to picture this:  you’re halfway through your first-ever marathon. You jog past a beverage station to swig some Gatorade. People surrounding you are rubbing aching, smelly, sweaty wrists, covered in rashes from training with a non-breathable watch band, but not you. You jog away, lifting the cup to your lips allowing the life-giving energy of electrolytes to course through you. In that moment you are fully alive, fully focused... fully YOU.

This is who you really are. You are strong, resilient, and unique. You don’t tolerate BS, and won’t give it out, either. You refuse to settle for “normal” and strive instead for excellence.

If you think about it, you and your future watch band are a lot alike... and that’s how it should be.

Laura Ulveling
Laura Ulveling


Laura is a freelance writer from Missouri and loves all things that involve coffee and adventure.

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Terry Woodbury
Terry Woodbury

March 04, 2019

I would very much like an Apple Watch band but if they run true to apple’s bands it would not fit my wrist. I really hope you decide to make an XL size band.

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