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The Greatest Belt of All Time

The Greatest Belt of All Time

Posted by Starla Gunter on

When the GOAT Retires

Well, the rumors are true.

After 22 years of football, seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady is retiring.

Considered one of the greatest players in NFL history, Brady will be remembered for years to come as being the record-breaking quarterback who threw for more yards, more touchdowns, and racked up more playoff wins. And he did it all well into his 40s.

If that wasn’t enough, you could say that Brady rewrote the NFL record book, setting a bar that no quarterback in history may ever reach again.

Well, we’re here to tell you that as amazing as Brady is, he isn’t the only one worthy of the “greatest of all time” label. Too soon?

GOAT Worthy

Don’t worry. We won’t try to convince you someone else is worthy of that title. (At least not right now.) But we would like to go on record saying that our best-selling product, the Groove Belt™, is worthy of being stamped “the greatest of all time.”

The Groove Belt offers the most comfortable fit ever, and is the only belt you can adjust once and forget about. It’s the best tactical belt out there and the only belt you’ll want to wear. Let’s take it through the GOAT test.

No more folding. When you sit down, it can be annoying when your belt folds over or collapses on itself. Those other belts are flimsy, but ours is extra sturdy and retains its shape, no matter what you put it through.

No more digging in. You know that pair of pants that digs into your stomach when you sit down? Makes you never want to sit, doesn’t it? Well, that’s not possible, Chad. But the Groove Belt does offer a solution. Our belt gives the perfect amount of stretch, allowing you to twist, turn, sit, and stand with no squeezing and no pinching.

No more wear and tear. Put on that old belt just to realize it’s getting a little ratty? Maybe it’s not quite up to snuff to wear on that next special occasion. If your everyday leather belt is getting a little too worn for your liking, or fading in all the wrong places, grab yourself a Groove Belt. Ours has the look that somehow just works for casual Friday at work and a night out with your spouse. And it’ll hold up better than any other belt you’ve got. Everyday you put it on, it’ll be like the very first time.

No more pulling your pants up. For the love of anyone standing behind you when you’re leaning down, we want you to have a belt that’ll keep your pants up and you from an embarrassing situation. Our ultra durable belt provides that comfortable fit you’re looking for while keeping your pants close to your body and your hands free from constantly having to pull your pants up. Men with no butts rejoice!

No more hassle. Our belt is the easiest one in the world to put on and, may we add, the most fun. With the neodymium magnets built into our buckle, you can snap our belt into place with one quick motion, and unlatch it just as quickly. It’ll make your trips to the restroom and getting ready in the morning that much quicker. Dare we say you can sleep in a few seconds longer?

No more searching. Guys, we know how much you hate shopping. Well, we did the grunt work for you and created a belt that is the perfect blend of style and functionality. No more searching for an indoor belt and an outdoor belt. No more searching for a waterproof belt. No more searching for a belt that’s built to last and still suitable for concealed carry. Because guess what? You get all of those things and more with the one and only Groove Belt.

Playing the Long Game

“There are no shortcuts to success.”

These simple, yet profound words were posted by Tom Brady when he officially announced his retirement on Instagram. And you know what? We agree.

There are no shortcuts to being the best in your class. But in this case, we did the hard work for you and created the belt to beat all belts. All you have to do is buy one and experience all of its greatness for yourself.

What are you waiting for? Buy a Groove Belt now!

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