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The Groove Belt™ to the Rescue

The Groove Belt™ to the Rescue

Posted by Starla Gunter on

We all know that feeling that comes from losing our keys. Maybe you find yourself rushing out the door and reach to grab your keys that…aren’t there. You’re suddenly at a standstill and panic quickly ensues until you locate your missing keys.

This happened to our very own Groove Employee Ben “Fuller” Webster one day as he was leaving work. Leslie, another Groover, was there to document and help us tell this story. Read on to learn how the Groove Belt™ proved to be more useful than Fuller ever thought possible.

“Before leaving work for the day, Leslie and I walked over to the parking lot across the street from Groove Life to retrieve some cornhole boards we needed for the next day.

When I attempted to pull my keys out of my pocket, they snagged on my jeans and went flying into the air. They slow-motion bounced across the pavement and went sliding into the street drain. Ugh!

Side note: I’m supposed to be meeting my parents and nieces for dinner, and text them that I’ll be late.”

Back to the story, Fuller…

“Leslie was kind enough not to leave me stranded and we quickly discussed options for retrieving the keys. Another Groover found us in distress and enthusiastically offered to climb into the sewer to get the keys.”


“Not wanting to go that route, we went into our warehouse in search of help. Another Groover suggested we use the Groove Belt to retrieve the keys, so we headed back to the drain and, well, check out what happened in the video below!”

“Oh, I forgot to mention that once I had retrieved my keys, I heard cheering coming from across the street. I look over to wave and, lo and behold, my parents were standing there, having observed the whole thing.”

That’s quite the bookend to the story, don’t you think?

We bet our belt was the last thing you would’ve expected to see come to the rescue. And this is just one of the many amazing things the Groove Belt can do. Check out what else makes this belt the best belt you’ll ever own, and get yours now!

Thank you, Leslie, for documenting one of the many reasons we need a Groove Belt! Also, Fuller, we hope you took some Clorox wipes to those keys!


Groove Life®. Ready for Adventure™.

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