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Water Camo Silicone Rings | Mossy Oak and Kryptek

by Addie Minton May 14, 2018 3 Comments

Water Camo Silicone Rings | Mossy Oak and Kryptek

Introducing Water Camo Rings by Groove Life!

We're excited to continue our partnership with Mossy Oak and Kryptek to bring you these cutting edge, water-inspired rings: Mossy Oak Spindrift and Mossy Oak Manta, and Kryptek Yeti and Kryptek Pontus

Water Camouflage Silicone Wedding Rings are perfect for fishing, days on the water, surfing, paddleboarding, the beach, or drinking a cool one by the pool on a warm day.


Check out the new Water Camo Collection here!



 Mossy Oak's new Elements Agua pattern available in Spindrift and Manta

Groove is excited to continue to partner with Mossy Oak, a premier Camo Company. We are excited to announce Mossy Oak's new Elements Agua pattern available in Spindrift and Manta.
Spindrift rings feature a water design pattern for anyone drawn to lake, river, or ocean sports. The Spindrift ring highlights fundamental elements of water, natural concealment, and multi-directional imagery to break up your outline - regardless of distance or light spectrum. In addition to 3D photorealism, the design produces a life-like recreation of the natural environment.

Spindrift emphasizes aqua, dark blue, and white wavelike color patterns mixed with reflective light elements, ideal for fishers, water skiers, paddle-boarders, and surfers alike. Get outside and get wet wearing Groove's new Spindrift water-pattern ring.
Purchase a Groove Spindrift Silicone Wedding Band HERE!

Mossy Oak Manta

Mossy Oak's new Elements Agua pattern in Manta emphasizes a black and white ripple pattern with reflective light elements, ideal for fishers, surfers, skiers, and paddle boarders.
Get outside and sport the Mossy Oak Manta Water Ring.
Buy a Mossy Oak Manta Silicone Ring HERE! 

Kryptek Yeti
Groove is honored to continue partnering with Kryptek, a premier combat, tactical and backcountry camo pioneer, in conjunction with their licensed Yeti pattern to make the first ever Groove Yeti Water Camo Ring.
Yeti Silicone ring features a camo water design pattern for anyone drawn to colder temperatures found in lakes, rivers, ocean, or snow.
Yeti camo pattern capitalizes on short days and long shadows. Groove took Kryptek's exclusive Yeti pattern, that incorporates their trademark "scales," to create a snow concealment emphasis of an arctic-influenced mirage of ice waves, subtle white hues, and grey shadows.
Purchase a YETI Camo Ring HERE!

Yeti emphasizes grey ripple designs on a white ring background.
Wear Yeti Camo Ring when ice-fishing or in cold water conditions.

Kryptek Pontus

Pontus emphasizes aqua, dark blue, and white colored "scales" into a combat water intended design.
Wear Pontus water camo ring for the off-island explorations and tropical fishing ventures.

Purchase a Kryptek Pontus Camo Ring HERE!
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As always, Groove Water Camo Rings come with a 94 Year Unlimited, NO BS Warranty.
Collect ONE or ALL of the Water Camo Collection Rings
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Addie Minton
Addie Minton


3 Responses

Suzanne Harris
Suzanne Harris

October 24, 2018

Are you able to do a custom men’s silicone ring that would be reminiscent of trout skin? I’m not sure if I’d prefer rainbow trout or a brookie for my husband, but thought I’d ask to see if it’s even a possibility. Thanks, Suzanne

Jeff Louck
Jeff Louck

October 31, 2018

Are you going to have a University of Michigan ring?


October 31, 2018

What happened to the elements agua manta pattern I can’t seem to find it on your site anymore?

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