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Why Wear a Silicone Ring?

Why Wear a Silicone Ring?

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

They’re everywhere. You see them on your car mechanic, your best friend, even your local brain surgeon. What is this crazy trend that is sweeping the nation even faster than Harley Davidson tattoos?

The answer is simple: silicone rings. These bands of power are taking the world by storm and for good reason.

They’re durable, they’re stylin’ and they’re more comfortable than your 10-year-old favorite pair of sweatpants. You know the ones.

You’ve probably found yourself wondering, “Why is everyone wearing these silicone rings? (And should I get one, too)?”

We’re here to give you the scoop on these rings: what they’re made of, what they’re for, and where you can get one!

Silicone Rings - Why Wear Them

Why are silicone rings popular?

Silicone rings have a lot going for them.

  • They are made out of medical-grade silicone (aka, no allergic reactions here).
  • They are totally cool (you can get them in any style you like).
  • They are waterproof (drop it in the sink… no problem).

But that’s not all! Silicone rings will make a difference in your day-to-day life, in more ways than you can know. Here’s what we mean:

Silicone Rings: Why are they popular?

Why should you wear a silicone ring?

To protect your wedding ring.

You know… the one you spent thousands of dollars on.

If you have a traditional wedding band, you probably have to take it off all the time. After all, most rings don’t hold up too well when you’re cleaning a deer... or the dishes… or your kiddo’s dirty diaper. You get the point. The Groove Ring can go through anything and come out as good as new after a good soap scrub.

You can wear it anytime, anywhere.

You can even wear this one while skydiving. Trust us… we did.

If you’ve ever worked a job in the food industry, medical field, or anywhere similar, or married to someone who is, you have probably wept a few bitter tears as you - or your spouse - left your ring at home day after day. Groove Rings can be worn just about anywhere, because they’re simple to clean, safe, and not easily damaged. Never leave home without your ring again.

It is even more comfortable than your ancient high school baseball glove.

You won’t even know it’s there. Muahaha!

If you have a traditional wedding band, you probably find yourself constantly messing with it. Either the diamond slides to the wrong side, it catches on things, or it just gets in the way. When you wear a Groove Ring, you’re signing up for full-time comfort. Hidden inner grooves keep your skin breathing, and the flexible, comfortable material just feels like an extension of your finger. In fact, the comment we hear most is “The Groove Ring is so comfortable that I forget that I’m wearing it!” Now don’t you wish we could say that about our belts? (Oh wait… you can. Click here to find out more).

Silicone Rings that are comfortable and safe

You like having fingers.

Consider this a shield of protection. Like a superpower.

Have you ever heard of ring avulsion? Hold up… you don’t want to Google that one. Suffice it to say, when your ring gets caught on something, bad things happen to your finger. Groove Rings are designed to break away when they get snagged, literally saving your finger (and a whole lot of money in medical bills).

You like your marriage. Hehe, but for real.

Send a clear message to all those single ladies and gents.

Let’s be real… your ring shouts to the world, “This one’s taken!” Yet you and your spouse are forced to leave metal rings at home when you hit the gym and the beach. That’s way less than ideal. Silicone rings won’t be damaged by hard-core lifting, boxing, or slide off into the ocean waves. You can enjoy all your favorite sports and activities and maintain that statement of “I’m married” at the same time. Talk about a win-win!

Groove silicone rings for adventurers

It’s immortal (we replace it!)

And when we say that… we actually mean it.

While you’re out there swimming with sharks, hunting, rock climbing, or hanging with the fam, you just might lose your ring or break it. After all, you’re out there living your best life to the max, and we’re all about that!

You need a ring that is made to break, and that gets pricey.

Unless you buy a Groove Ring.

Groove Rings come with a 94-Year No BS Warranty. Whether that ring is swallowed by a flathead while you’re noodling catfish or flushed down the toilet by your feisty two-year-old, we’ll replace it! Check out the details of our warranty right here.

Running with a silicone ring

Reasons NOT to wear a Groove Ring

  • You hate attention (these things are eye-catchers, man!)
  • You are a monk (hey… no comfort allowed!)
  • You are averse to all things awesome (get those anti-awesome glasses on)
  • Umm… we’re out.

If the four items above don’t apply to you, congratulations! You’re automatically approved for a Groove Ring! *throws confetti* Go on and head over here to pick out the ring of your dreams.

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Keep Groovin’!

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