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What Are Silicone Wedding Rings & Why You Should Care?

Silicone wedding rings are a statement of who you are what you stand for. Made for active people who need the comfort and safety metal rings can't offer. 

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Silicone wedding rings & bands are the biggest thing to hit the jewelry market since watches.  Disrupting traditional metal rings for people who need comfort and flexibility over formality, Silicone rings are the new way to show your commitment safely and comfortably.

Men’s & women's wedding rings have traditionally been metal for thousands of years.  In recent times other materials have emerged from wood, bone, rings from coins, cloth and now silicone wedding rings.   

The benefits silicone wedding bands outweigh the cons 100 to 1 making the metal wedding ring a thing of the past.  

Who Actually Wears Silicone Rings?

Silicone rings are worn by old and young, all races, & nations for many reasons. From artists to military to professional sports to outdoorsmen to soccer moms. Even contestants from America Ninja Warrior wear our rings.  

Some you have heard of most you haven’t but no matter how you slice it these wedding rings are taking over the jewelry industry. 

Below are just a few people who wear silicone wedding rings. 

NFL Quarterback Philip Rivers, Mercy Me lead singer Millard, Country musics Jason Aldean, Mossy Oak's Toxey Haas, President of Weatherby Arms Adam Weatherby, Singer Carrie Underwood, Olympian Sara Haskins, Triathlete Iron Cowboy, & America Ninja Warriors Lance Pekus. 

Benefits of silicone as a material

The silicone ring is not just comfortable, it’s safe in every way.

Silicone is pretty much amazing as a consumer product.  From baby nipples to medical supplies to spatulas, silicone is everywhere.  We use it daily but most don’t understand all of the benefits.  Below is a short list of some of the major benefits. 

  • Heat Resistant - 500 degrees before it melts
  • Hypoallergenic - Won’t absorb germs or bacteria
  • Stretchable - Flexes under pressure which saves your finger from damage
  • Non Conductive - won’t electrocute you
  • Cost effective - 1/10th of the price of normal metal bands
  • Easily moldable and engraved - customizable

Silicone Wedding Rings are HEAT Resistant

Heat resistance is one of the major qualities of this silicone.  When wearing a silicone wedding ring the last thing you want is for your ring to melt onto your finger which would cause extreme pain and misery.  Silicone has a melting point of over 500 degrees F. This means your hand would be long gone before the ring actually melted :)...sorry for the mental picture there.  

See the demonstration here:


Silicone is Hypoallergenic

What does “hypoallergenic” actually mean?  According to wikipedia it is a term It is used to describe items (especially cosmetics and textiles) that cause or are claimed to cause fewer allergic reactions.

In short, Hypoallergenic means it likely won’t make your skin irritated.  This is a big deal! For instance, some 15% of all people on earth are allergic to latex, a form of rubber.  Men’s rings made from silicone have less than .01% allergic reaction according to our historical numbers.  

Silicone Rings are STRETCHABLE

Why is this important?  Well, some150k people a year have ring related injuries resulting in badly mutilated fingers or even loss of fingers.  That’s a TON of people! Men’s silicone rings are stretchable and just downright safe. If your ring ever catches on anything it will simply stretch and release your finger mitigating any injury.  

           The other reason why this is amazing is that a lot of people have oversized knuckles due to injury or genetics.  This makes getting a metal ring over the knuckle very difficult. If the ring makes it over the knuckle it is typically very loose on the finger which increases chances of the metal ring catching on an object and damaging the finger.  

No matter the way you look at it, stretchability is a plus for wedding rings.  

Silicone Ring’s are Non Conductive

Have you ever worked on a car battery?  If so you have been inches away from tragedy without even knowing it.  There are thousands of ring burns from arching each year. Rings touch the positive node on the batteries and quickly heat up to 1000 'C burning and even sloughing the skin off of the bone.  This is a serious problems for mechanics.   

Thankfully, silicone rings are non-conductive.  This means they don’t allow electricity to flow.  In layman's terms this means you can work on your car or equipment without fear of torching your digits :)


Silicone Wedding Bands Are Cost Effective

According to womangettingmarried.com the average men’s wedding band costs upwards of $500.   Platinum and gold are much more! Although the wedding band is the sign of commitment and matrimony it seems a little crazy to spend so much on something that will more than likely get lost over the course of one’s life.

Men’s silicone rings are around 90% less expensive than a traditional wedding band.   Not only this but here at Groove we have a lifetime warranty if you ever do break or lose your ring.  That’s right, our warranty covers loss. We say, “Groove is the last ring you will ever buy” and we mean it!  

Our silicone rings range from $30 - $50 and we have a easy sizing chart for people who don’t know their size.  

Silicone Is Easily Moldable and Customized

Rings are pretty personal and especially wedding bands.  Having a ring that is unique and personalized is important to many people.  Silicone rings are easily molded or engraved to each person's unique taste. This is a huge plus to silicone over metal as metal is harder and more expensive to personalize.  

Groove not only has custom engraving we have unique patterns that we apply to our rings that allow us to stay on trend with camo and other patterns.  

Cons of silicone as a material

There are not many disadvantages of silicone but naturally there are a few.

We did solve most of these problems here at Groove so read further.  

  1. It doesn’t breathe
  2. Stretchability allows the rings to sometimes slip off
  3. Non traditional look

Silicone Doesn’t Breathe

Silicone is impervious, meaning it doesn’t absorb anything.  This is great for many reasons but bad for one. Frankly, silicone wedding rings can and do get STICKY.  This can cause irritation not from the silicone itself but from the moisture build up. Most silicone rings have no solution for this problem.  

Silicone Wedding Ring Problems

Groove men's and women's silicone rings are different.  They are designed with interior grooves on the inner ring that allow air in and moisture out.  This has been a game changer for the silicone ring market. Our rings are made for the doers of the world that sweat or are in and out of the water.  

Silicone Rings Stretch

Like many things in life, your greatest strength is also a weakness and this is no less the case here.  Stretchability is great for getting your ring on and off but not so great in circumstances like swimming in cold water or pulling off gloves.  

It’s not a huge problem by any means but it is something of note.

They Don’t Look Like Metal

Although there are metallic injected silicone rings, and we make a few ourselves (see them here),  most men’s silicone rings don’t look like a traditional band.  Some would say this is an advantage. Others would say this is great as they want to be different and on trend.  Others would say a matte black or grey ring is awesome looking and perfect for their lifestyle.

Groove Silicone Wedding Rings:  Our Story

We started Groove Life in 2015.  Our founder, Peter, is an adventure, hunting & fishing guide in Alaska and he needed a ring that worked for his lifestyle.  He loved the idea of a men’s silicone ring as his wedding band but none of the available rings in the marketplace where designed to keep your finger from sweating.  

Groove silicone ring was born on a remote river in southwest Alaska.   The idea seemed easy. Somehow place breathable grooves on the inside of the ring that allow air in and moisture out.  After the season ended and winter set in, he went to the drawing board and hired an engineer.

Premium quality and usable functionality were standards we were not willing to budge on. It took a long time but after numerous interactions and designs and over 12 factories we nailed it.  

Groove is made for people that push the limits in life.  Whether you are a rockstar mom or climb mountains, Groove is up for anything you have to throw at it.  

How Are Groove Silicone Rings Different?

As in our story, Groove was made by people who’s lifestyle demand premium functionality and design.  Therefore Groove rings have many features not offered by other companies.

  1. Breathable
  2. Airports
  3. Low Profile
  4. Customizable
  5. Lifetime Warranty
  6. Two Part Design
  7. Pattern Printing

Silicone Wedding Ring Band

   Breathable Grooves + Airports = Yea it's true they don’t sweat

So we have established that silicone rings are awesome for wedding rings or just for style but there is one MAJOR problem with them.  They don’t breathe since they are non porous silicone. Groove solved this problem by designing breathable airport grooves on the inside of the ring.   

Peter, our founder, designed these grooves so that his finger wouldn’t sweat and collect moisture under the ring while he was guiding in Alaska.  The breathability was a industry first and launched groove into mainstream acceptance.

    Low Profile / Two Part Design

As someone who was very active in his job and home with children, Peter hated bulky rings that snagged on everything from clothing to hard objects at work.

The goal was to create a  silicone wedding ring & band you could put in your pants pocket without it catching and pulling. Mission accomplished.

All other silicone ring brands are compressed molded silicone.  This is a very cheap way to form silicone similar to cheap silicone bracelets.  At Groove we use two stage liquid injection. This increases the cost considerably but the quality is second to none.  Below is an animated video on how the process works. This video is a one stage process. Our rings are shot twice in the machine.  

    Engraved Customization

Groove knows that you want to be unique.  To express who you are and what you stand for.  Enter Groove Custom.  Commitment to marriage is a given but showing your support for firefighters, local police or your personal hashtag is a plus.  Groove is the only company that does colored engraving on men’s silicone rings. Make your ring as unique as you are.

   Lifetime NO BS Warranty

Our warranty is simply ridiculous!  Whether you break it or even lose it we have you covered. One thing that is most important to Groove is our lifetime warranty.  No one wants to buy a product and have to worry about breaking or losing it.

The same applies to your new men’s silicone ring.  We want you to go crush it out there and not worry a bit about your ring.  That’s the last thing you should be worrying about. If you do break or lose your ring just contact us and we will have another in the mail that day.  Email us Support@groovelife.com or call us 888-981-5550.

Which Silicone Wedding Ring is right for you?

There are a lot of choices out there for silicone rings.  At Groove we pride ourselves in being the premium choice. Most wedding bands cost anywhere from $500 - over $1000 so I am sure you would agree, the small sum of $30-$60 for a more versatile and comfortable ring is a no brainer.  Below is a description of each one of our collections.

Groove Solid

Groove Solid, formerly Groove Original, is our flagship product that we launched in 2015 on kickstarter.  The engineering and design encapsulated in this ring took 1 full year to produce. We started with our breathable grooves that allow air in and moisture out.  We first launched our wide version quickly followed by our thin line.

Groove Solid is still our best seller and for good reason.  It’s low profile, bold colors, and durability make it perfect for men and women living an active lifestyle.  

silicone wedding bands

Groove Camo

Groove has formed exclusive partnerships with Mossy Oak and Kryptek camouflage companies to produce the first ever camouflage silicone rings.   

The story behind the camo.  We first started testing camouflage on our rings in early 2016.  With each try there were subsequent failures. We could not figure out how to apply the decoration to silicone.   We all but gave up on the idea but someone on our team offhandedly suggested we come up with a new silicone formula.  We worked with our engineers for 9 months to get the exact formula that would receive the decoration. We launched in November of 2017 and it was a disaster.  Read the full story here

Since then we have fixed the problems, changed factories and as of April 15, 2018 we live with our newest camo rings.  These babies are bulletproof and beautiful.

Camo silicone Rings weddingb and

Groove America Silicone Rings

Groove America was launched in response to the NFL protests that erupted in late 2017.  Here at Groove we love America and are proud of who she is and what she stands for. Sure there are isolated problems but as a whole we are proud of our country and our heritage.

We believe there are alot of people like us!  That is why we chose to release the America edition when we did.  

Groove pioneered the customization of the silicone ring market and went a step further by adding colored fill inside each engraving.   As you can see below, this makes for a very bold ring and statement of what you stand for.

Groove America are offered with both custom fill and non-fill American flags. There are both men’s and women’s silicone rings.  

American flag silicone rings

Groove Protector

Groove launched Protector in mid 2017 to honor our local fire and police heros in our everyday lives.   Police and fire silicone rings are a similar to our America collection but feature a Red Thin Line or Blue Thin Line.  These Thin Line rings are perfect for police and fire personnel, their families or anyone proud of what they stand for.  

groove silicone ring giveback


Groove has partnered with the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation and COPS (Concerns Of Police Survivors) to give back a % of all sales of Protector ring sales.  These great organizations strive to support family of fallen local heros in the line of duty.  We are proud to help by not only highlighting their efforts but supporting them financially.

Thin Line Police Fire Silicone

Groove Custom

Custom Engraved silicone rings are the perfect way to personalize your ring to fit you and your style.  Whether you want an icon to display your hobby, your state or engraved text Groove custom has it all.  

Customized engraved silicone wedding rings

All of our engraving is done in-house here in the USA.  We start with our Groove Solid rings and place them in the engraving machine.  

Our engraving machines our the top of the line Swiss made.  See one in action below:


After the silicone ring is personalized we send it over to the painting booth.  Our team then applies the specially formulated paint that fills the engraving. All painting is done by hand so this delays shipment a few days.

Each Groove custom silicone wedding band is uniquely, individually personalized and painted here at our Tennessee location.  

Silicone Ring Sizing

Sizing anything online can be a challenge!  This is pretty much the only drawback to online buying.  However, we have taken out the guesswork when sizing your finger for a silicone rings.

Our super handy sizing chart can either be downloaded and printed or you can do it straight from your mobile device.  Simply use a quarter to get the scale correct and you are good to go.

silicone ring sizer size

We always suggest you size down if you are half size.  Typically people like to wear our rings a little snugger than metal so they don’t catch or hang on things.  This is possible due to our breathable grooves.


Silicone wedding rings and bands are here to stay.  If you are an active person looking for a very comfortable ring that transcends the boardroom to the gym then silicone rings are for you.

Like anything, there are many options from super cheap to premium.   Groove is the premium option.  We are the most expensive but you get what you pay for.  From our advanced engineering to our lifetime NO BS warranty we are the clear choice for people wanting the best.  


  1. 1 | Flexible but tough as hell
  2. 2 | Breathable Silicone Grooves Keep You Dry
  3. 3 | So freakin' comfortable you won't know it's there. Guaranteed
  4. 4 | Customizations that look DAAANG good
  5. 5 | No Bull S#!+ Warranty--Break It, Tear It or Lose it
  6. 6 | Groove Gives Back to heroes and kids

See The Difference

We will stand behind a Groove Ring FOREVER.

Check out our NO BS warranty here!

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Silicone Ring Sizing Guide By Groove Ring

Purchasing a ring online is typically a challenge but not anymore.  Our super handy measurement sheet below is a sure fire way to get an accurately sized ring the first time. If after you size your finger and still don't get the right size, not to worry.  We have an easy exchange policy to ensure a perfect fit.  Click on the picture below to download and print.  IMPORTANT: Groove is designed to be worn snug to your finger. Even if you know your size please re-measure.  

Desktop Computer (need a printer)
Mobile Phone (need a ring)

Important:  For silicone ring sizing accuracy page MUST be printed @ 100% on your printer settings

Note: GROOVE silicone rings breathe and are design to be worn snugly on your finger. If you are a half size we recommend sizing down.

String Test

The Paper Test

silicone ring sizer

The Ring Test

And that's it!  You should have the perfect fit for your new Groove Ring!  Remember if your ring doesn't fit correctly after receiving it we will replace it for free.