Qalo vs Enso vs Groove Life Silicone Rings

What the Top 3 Silicone Ring Brands Do (and Don’t) Have in Common

Silicone rings are all the rage and for good reason. They're an effective solution for people whose day-to-day is too adventurous, active, or just plain busy for a traditional wedding band. However, among the different brands on the market, there are differences in quality, performance, and price.

In the days prior to Groove Life, founder and CEO Peter Goodwin had been unwittingly field-testing different silicone ring brands for years. As an adventure guide, bush pilot and lodge owner in Alaska, he had plenty of chances to put these rings to the test. Along the way, he got frustrated by the problems with most silicone rings: lackluster performance, poor design, and non-helpful warranty/return policies. Too bulky to rock climb or work out in. Not breathable enough to be comfortable. And when it broke (as it's designed to in dangerous situations), their warranties were zero help.

Read on to see how Peter solved the problem, along with a breakdown of Groove Ring vs. Qalo vs. Enso. Enjoy!

Full Disclosure:  We obviously own Groove Ring and are slightly biased :) 

Groove Life (Groove Ring)

Although Groove Life doesn’t claim to have conceived the idea of the silicone ring, they do claim to have developed the only one that’s truly functional. 

Determined to create a silicone ring that solved the problems he faced, Peter and a small group of visionaries hit the drawing board. After 8 months of fine-tuning the design and perfecting molds, Groove rings launched with a Kickstarter campaign. It soon became the top-performing silicone ring on Kickstarter, receiving $17,945 in pledges from 611 backers. How did Groove manage to fare almost $3,000 above its goal? The secret is in the name. 

Why Groove Ring?

Intentional design and engineering go into every Groove ring, truly making it the superior silicone ring on the market. They're hypoallergenic, non-conductive, heat-resistant, and designed to safely stretch (or break) when necessary. But what else makes them stand out?

The grooves on the inside of the ring; they're so important, we named our brand after it. These figure-8 shaped grooves cover most of the surface area on the inner ring, which means less of the ring is in contact with your skin. This allows air in and moisture out!

By contrast, the outside of the ring features a softer, microscopically-pitted surface that's both grab-resistant and non-irritating to adjacent fingers. In other words, it’s so comfy you’ll forget it’s on. Guaranteed. Groove also offers the only liquid-poured rings on the market, which makes it free of mold lines, pits or flaws.

Groove's Amazing Lifetime Warranty

It really doesn’t matter what kind of abuse you put your Groove Ring through or whether you lose it altogether. Groove Life will replace it for free, for life. Plus, exchanges are a breeze. If within the first two weeks you decide the ring’s the wrong size or color, just shoot Groove Life an email and they’ll send out your new one right away. See our Warranty page for all the details.

Our Philosophy

Groove Rings have become so much more than a product that’s highly beneficial and superior in quality. It recognizes the importance of committing oneself in all areas of life— whether that’s marriage, parenthood, fitness, achievements, philanthropy, or anything you’re passionate about.

Every day Groove Life receives more emails from customers explaining what their Groove Ring symbolizes to them, how it keeps them focused, and what they share when people ask about it. Almost all of them believe that telling others about a promise made, even to themselves, helps them to keep it.

Groove's Product Line

Groove Life truly offers something for everyone, whether you’re an outdoor adventurer, busy parent, avid hunter, gym-goer, service member, or somewhere in between. Our top lines include the classic Groove Solid, Mossy Oak, and Kryptek Camo, uniquely patterned Aspire rings, patriotic Hero collections, and a variety of personalized Custom ring options. Click here to browse our most popular collections for men and women! 


Enso Rings

Another Kickstarter alumnus, the Salt Lake City-based Enso Rings was also founded in 2015 by founders Brighton Jones and Aaron Dalley. As athletic people with a passion for the outdoors, both were frustrated by the difficulty of wearing a ring with their active lifestyle. They had each gone through more than one band, and Brighton even sustained a serious ring-related finger injury. The two set out to create a safe, functional alternative to traditional bands, and found success with their Kickstarter campaign, reaching $2,000 over their goal.

Safety Meets Style

Enso Rings are made from a single piece of silicone. Like most high-quality active rings, Enso’s are hypoallergenic, non-conductive, heat-resistant and made to stretch or break upon expansion.

Enso currently features a several distinct Collections: Elements, Legends, Infinity, Ultralite and Women’s Stackables, which are extra thin bands that come in a variety of colors for mixing and matching.

The Symbolism Behind Enso

In the Zen school of Buddhism, Enso (otherwise known as the Circle of Enlightenment or the Infinity Circle) symbolizes strength, unity, enlightenment, single-mindedness, personal development, simplicity, cooperation and many more of human beings’ nobler aspects.

In harmony with these qualities, Enso has committed to making the world a better place by donating a portion of each ring sold to “organizations around the globe that are working to solve problems like hunger, poverty, disease, and protecting our planet.”

Enso Warranty

Enso offers a Lifetime Warranty on their rings if you run into any issues. Exchanges and returns are allowed, except for on clearance products.



Much like Enso Rings, Qalo was founded by two friends, Ted Baker and KC Holiday, who shared a common problem: frustration with the lack of wedding rings on the market for active lifestyles. Both Ted and KC loved their wives dearly, but their wedding bands were getting in the way of rock climbing, working out, surfing, and more.

So in 2013, they did something about it and started Qalo (an acronym for Quality-Athletics-Love-Outdoors) in Orange, CA. Like most high-quality silicone rings, Qalo’s are hypoallergenic, non conductive, heat-resistant and made to stretch or break upon expansion.

A Mix of Fun and Philanthropy

Qalo’s designers are perhaps the busiest in the field, since their site features more collections and a greater variety of colors than most. They currently feature lines such as the Strata, Outdoors, Stackables, Wedding, Q2X, and U.S. Military collections. However, not all of their creative stylings are just for looks:

Give Back Rings – Qalo partners with nonprofit organizations to design distinctive rings that let customers “wear their support,” while donating a percentage of each ring purchase to the specific cause it represents.

Thin Line Collection – These rings are specifically designed to be worn by and to show support for police officers, firefighters, and EMS personnel. A percentage of each sale supports these local heroes.

Qalo Warranty

Qalo offers a one-time, anytime warranty on damaged or broken rings, as well 30-day return and 60-day exchange policies.



If you lead an active lifestyle, have a dangerous job, work with your hands, or are just planning a vacation in the great outdoors, a silicone ring is truly worth the investment. While saving fingers is the top priority of any active ring, it also brings peace of mind to keep your traditional wedding ring in a safe place while you’re out conquering the world. No matter what your life looks like, silicone rings provide a way to wear a symbol of commitment both safely and proudly.

We hope the comparisons we’ve provided here will serve you well in your choice. Now go forth and be active! Be healthy! Be committed! But most of all, be safe!

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