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The Groove Life Team

Mike Adcock

Mike manages our fulfillment department, loves to travel, and before finding Groove Life, was a local police officer for fourteen years. Thanks for your service, Mike!

Kevin Beasley

Kevin Heads up our super secret, adventure channel shoots. Having just moved his family to Tennessee, he’ll be diving into some new endeavors in molding Groove’s company culture. When he’s not producing video shoots with sharks or paragliding across the south east, he loves to take his own beautiful photography.

George Brooks

As Groove Life’s Creative Director and resident foreigner, who is still sore about the American Revolution (step down, DHS, he’s a US Citizen), George spends most of his time saying things in multiple different ways so that people understand him. He is a fan of craft beer, death metal, and designing cool things. On a good day, you’ll find George annoying Matt with loud music. On a bad day, he may be attempting to lick his own elbow.

Jake Clark

Our Customer Service Specialist, Jake, once managed to break his left arm 3 times in 5 years. Fortunately he’s better at responding to your emails than not falling over. We’ve placed his desk in the middle of a ball pit just in case…

Heather Coggins

Despite being a blood relative the famous gangster, John Dillinger, she is actually very nice. Heather can mainly be found designing beautiful things for Groove, taking photos, and playing video games. Don’t mess with her though.

Grey Davis

Grey makes cool things with lasers. If you ever come to our offices and see Grey, you’ll also meet his canine sidekick, Camo. Grey rivals Amy for being nicest Groove employee. For real.

Pat Dray

A former US Marine, Patrick brings energy and laughter to our Wholesale Team. If you’re a Groove Retailer, chances are you’ve talked to Patrick. When not at the Groove office or attending a trade show, you’ll probably find Pat running marathons, at a Spartan Race, or shooting guns.

Blake Galloway

Blake manages the office and wrangles Peter. He has a background in competitive ultimate frisbee, and loves to eat food, play music, and watch sports. All at the same time.

Amy Gamble

Amy works on our fulfilment team. She has been around the world and back again, loves people, sweets, movies and hot air balloons. If you’ve ever ordered a Groove ring, if you’re lucky, it may have been packed by her. Amy might just be the nicest person you’ll ever meet. Don’t believe us? Come say hi to’ll see.

Mark Goodwin

Private pilot, powered paraglider, watergarden designer, and grandfather of 18, Mark Goodwin, somehow finds time to keep Groove’s finances running smoothly.

Peter Goodwin

Peter, Groove Life’s Founder and CEO, keeps us charging forward at break-neck speed. When not working on Groove LIfe, the one-time Alaskan wilderness guide and lodge owner can be found hunting, hanging out with his family, or enjoying a good bourbon and a cigar. The rumours of him riding a pet bear through the Alaskan wilderness are mostly unfounded.

Scott Harrison

Scott is our film-making, motorcycle-riding, boosted board fanatic, Video Content Manager. He was also a volunteer firefighter for two years. If you see any Groove video content, it’s highly likely Scott either filmed it, edited it, or set something on fire on camera.

Graham Harrison

Brother to Scott and one of EIGHT siblings, when not working on cars, racing drones, or flying airplanes, Graham can be found making stuff in our custom shop or cutting his own hair.

Brandon Howard

When not shredding some southern metal riffs and screaming into a microphone, you’ll find Brandon manning our lasers creating something cool. Ordered a custom design? Chances are Brandon had a hand in it.

Chris Huovinen

Having almost died in the mountains of Nepal while riding on top of a bus (as you do), Chris found himself working in Operations and Finance at Groove Life. On occasion, Chris likes to run, sing, and play a guitar.

Jeremy Johnson

When not hard at work in Groove’s custom shop, Jeremy will be fixing up fast cars with his son Maverick, listening to 90s rock, or buying and selling industrial equipment. Need a good deal on a cherry picker? He’s your man.

LeAnne Kaylor

LeAnn grew up in Memphis, which resulted in a one-of-a-kind talent to deliver the cold hard facts with a genteel, southern charm. This is especially useful in her Customer Service role. LeAnne’s passions include makeup and fashion, so it's no surprise she was crowned Mrs. Maury County in 2010 and won Best Smile in the Mrs. Tennessee pageant. She also survives on chocolate (of any form) & chardonnay.

Lori Klump

Mother of three grownup kids (a couple of whom work at Groove Life), Lori, leads our Wholesale Fulfilment team. When she’s not passionately shipping out Groove Life product you may find her scrapbooking or hanging out with her family.

Ethan Lynn

Rivaling Peter and Blake G in the hipster beard stakes, Ethan is one of our newest Fulfillment Team members. His intimidating looks are offset by his friendly nature.

Lana Miller

While being one of the kindest, sweetest cat lovers you will ever meet, Wholesale Manager, Lana loves watching scary movies and listening to murder podcasts. She can also lick her elbow (also known on the street as a wenis). For real. Welcome to Groove Life.

Addie Minton

While you may not think that drinking beer, riding horses, and going shopping go together...Addie will change your mind. Addie may just be the first person you talk to if you ever want to sell Groove Rings in your store!

Matt Mitchell

Matt (COO and first ever Tennessee Groove Life employee) is equally passionate about Groove Life, hunting, fishing, and building things...but mainly fishing. He once hit a homerun off a bunt (for real), and one time, Lana licked his elbow. On a good day you’ll find him directing all of Groove Life’s operations, on a bad day he’ll be complaining about the music being too loud.

Ahbra Northcutt

Groove’s PR Director, Ahbra, works tirelessly to promote our brand and connect with influencers. On the rare occasion she’s not working, you may find her sewing, walking with her kids, and advocating for at-risk kids’ safety.. She also has a (not so) secret love of Matlock and all things Tom Selleck.

Sarah Pharo

When not designing amazing things for Groove, part time vegan, artist and musician, Sarah will be rocking the crowds at songwriter nights, dreaming of New Jersey, and sporting Doc Martens. Fun fact - Sarah has an identical twin. Check out the latest Aspire designs - most likely, they were created by her.

Tammie Puls

Tammie works in the Wholesale Fulfillment Department at Groove. She has 3 grown daughters and 5 grand babies! You might not realize it, but if you ever meet Tammie, she has an intense passion for Jesus, hang gliding and anything involving speed and heights. Pretty much in that order.

Rachel Ramaswamy

Thanks to her dad being in the Army, Rachel has lived all over, including Italy & Germany. Her latest adventure is a solo backpacking trip through SE Asia. When Rachel is not international, you’ll find her gardening, hiking, or even delivering awesome customer service for Groove.

Sherilyn Reid

Sherilyn brings is a key member of our Customer Service team and rivals Amy for the roll of ‘nicest Groove team member’. In unrelated news, Sherylin is an incredible baker and lived in Amish communities growing up.

LJ Short

As our in-house Customer Service Lead, LJ is the definition of extrovert. When not making you guys (our customers) happy, LJ can be found hanging out with friends, with her dog, Oakley (like the sunglasses), or at one of many church small groups.

Jonathan Ward

Black belt & Identical twin, Jonathan, works in our Wholesale Team. He loves to spend time with his wife, eat good food, and play pick up sports (not with his wife). He also loves to partake in daily tea time.

Loren Ware

Loren is instrumental in Groove’s logistics fulfilment, and has become our default IT wizard. He likes to bike, hike, and play board games with his kids. Loren has also been known to tear up some hot yoga.

Kevin Weber

Kevin leads our custom shop team. Little is known about Kevin, but rumor has it that he enjoys gaming and woodworking. Rumor also has it that he finds joy in irritating his wife by using her hairbrush on his lustrous beard. Kevin served in the US Army for several years. Thanks for your service, Kevin!

Amanda Williams

Groove’s Project Manager and mom of 2 little girls, Amanda, keeps us all moving and in line, despite our best efforts. She’s apparently a boss at karaoke and when not outdoors or riding horses, loves a good dance off.

Diane Worley

Our Customer Service Specialist, Diane, is an undercover artist with a specialty in crochet and pottery. When not chatting with our customers, she likes to dabble with essential oils and herbal medicine. Diane has 2 daughters and one cat with a terrible attitude - the cat, not her daughters.