Our 94 Year Unlimited Warranty

Groove silicone rings are tough, durable and ready to endure anything. However, for your safety, Groove is designed to stretch or tear under pressure so you lose a ring; not a finger. No matter what happens, we will cover your Groove Ring with our NO BS Warranty! If your ring gets damaged, cut, stretched, stuck in nuclear waste, eaten by a fish, or even LOST we will replace it. Our mission is to blow your mind and we'll go above and beyond to make you happy!

Did you know our No BS Warranty applies to all Groove Adventure Gear too? If your gear gets torn, stretched out, or even LOST we’ll replace it. That’s Groove… we’re not like other companies!

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Possible Warranty Scenarios

Groove Ring

  • My Groove Ring ripped while pumping 2000 pounds of iron at the gym. Is it covered under your No BS Warranty? Sure is! Keep killin' it!
  • My Groove Ring is too big and continues slipping off my finger. I could use it as a lifesaver preserver but I really want to wear it. Is this covered under your No BS Warranty? Absolutely, matey!
  • I purchased my Groove Ring and my wife told me she prefers another color. Does my warranty cover an exchange for another color? Yes sir! We've got you covered!
  • I’ve had my Groove ring for two years, and when I was teaching my kiddo how to rock the monkey bars, my ring disappeared into the toddler abyss known as the sandbox. Is a replacement covered under your warranty? Cool parent alert, and of course!
  • My Uncle Vern bought a Groove Ring for me on Amazon. Is it covered under your No BS Warranty?  Yes, and mad props to Uncle Vern.
  • I took off my paw-print engraved Groove Ring and my circus-trained bulldog ate it. Is my ring covered under your No BS Warranty? Absolutely!

Groove Gear

  • I bought my shirt earlier this year and then I tore it on a tree branch trying to climb a water fall. Is this covered? Yep! (But hey, be careful out there!)
  • My wife ordered me a shirt that's way too small. Guess she forgot I've been hitting the gym and gaining serious muscle. Can I exchange for a bigger size? Yes of course, Mr. Incredible!
  • I wore my hat camping and it blew off my head and floated down a mountain. Now what? We can replace it for just $10 (plus shipping)!

Groove Life commits to covering you no matter what.
Now that's a No BS Warranty!

The Quick & Dirty on our NO BS Warranty

Groove Ring

  • Within 1 year of purchase: Free replacement, free shipping for any kind of damage or defect.
  • After 1 year of purchase: Free replacement + $6 shipping/handling for any kind of damage or defect.
  • If you lose your ring at any time: Free replacement + $6 shipping/handling.
  • Add a $10 engraving fee to the above scenarios for all custom engraved rings.
  • Same rules apply to rings purchased at other retailers with our warranty registration

Groove Gear

  • Within 1 year: Free replacement, free shipping for any kind of damage or defect.
  • After 1 year: $10 replacement + $3.99 shipping/handling for any kind of damage or defect.
  • If you lose your gear at any time: $10 replacement + $3.99 shipping/handling


  • Within 30 days: Free exchange, no shipping for a different size.
  • Within 30 days: Free exchange + $6 shipping/handling for a color/style change.
  • After 30 days: No exchanges on size or color.

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Returns for Refund

  • Within 30 days: No questions asked refund upon return
  • No returns/refunds on custom engraved rings

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