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Interview with Peter Goodwin

Who are you?  I am a husband, father, business owner and Alaskan outdoor adventure guide.  I love smoked salmon, flying airplanes, playing with my kids and taking my wife on sushi dates! Guiding people in the bush of Alaska is my deepest passion! 

Why did you start Groove Life? The idea for Groove first came to me while guiding. I wanted to create and offer people like myself quality, practical, tough active wear that could be used on the trail, gym or a date.  Our first product is Groove Ring but we have big plans to expand Groove into other products that specifically meet our needs.  

Why Groove Ring? I loved the idea of an active ring.  I promptly purchased one when I saw it online.  After a short time I realized my finger was sore and constantly moist under the ring.  I ordered a larger size but that ring was too bulky and sloppy on my finger.  I wanted a ring that would fit snug in and out of water and durable enough to withstand my active life.

I dove in to the process early in 2015 and we worked diligently for 8 months on perfecting the molds.  This ring isn't just a compressed silicone "wristband".  It has a ton of design and intricate detail.  Getting the molds to work with this fine detail proved a HUGE challenge but we got it.  It took 6 months more than anticipated but the results are amazing and best of all, functional!  

What's next?  We have and are going to have a ton of fun building Groove!  We received an overwhelming positive response from all of our Kickstarter backers.  It has been a blast to work with them as they gave great suggestions, picked the colors and are now testing out the rings.  This has been an exciting ride and we are pumped to be able to offer Groove to the world.  We are proud of Groove and having alot of fun!

  The Team

Jim Roberts:   Jim is the backbone of Groove! He not only puts crazy ideas to auto-cad but he manages all factory production & quality control.  From head to paper, to 3d prototype, to finished product, Jim is the man!

Mark Goodwin:  Yep, he is Peter's father but don't think its a coincidence!  Mark is a force when it comes to details, data, support and administration.  He keeps the skids greased so the more left brained among us can dream and create!  

Kathryn Bronn:  Another left brain dreamer with a camera, design skills, and eager attitude to tackle anything.  Kathryn has been integral in starting Groove and we couldn't have made it this far without her. 

Ryan & Cathi Murray:  Ryan and Cathi from 3200 creative have been a huge blessing to us at Groove. They not only run our website and design but are super smart business advisors. They don't actually work for Groove as employees but they are as much a part of the team as anyone.  

Micah & Josiah Ness:  Micah and Josiah have a great video and photography business called Silverline Films.  Micah is also one of our ambassadors taking Groove to far flung reaches of the globe as he photographs and videos epic adventures.  Micah and Josiah filmed our initial Kickstarter video which was a great success.