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how to clean your silicone ring

How to Clean a Silicone Ring

Posted by Brooks Tiller on

With everything you have going on in life, we know you don’t have time to worry with the upkeep of your ring…  Especially if you’ve opted for a Groove silicone ring that can withstand the rigor of adventure and has a NO BS warranty covering breakage or loss.  We know, you’re not worrying about it. But, after those adventures, you still need to clean your silicone ring. Because we know, from experience, how dirty they can get.

Why Clean Your Silicone Ring?

Every year we hear breaking news of a flu epidemic and other dreaded viruses. The headlines tell us about all the sickness then quickly remind us that the best way to decrease our chances of getting sick is to wash our hands. Even after washing our hands there is a good chance that some of those nasty bugs are still on your ring.

Yes, you can scrub around your ring but unless you take it off, clean and dry your ring and hands completely, you really haven’t lowered your risk. You can wash metal rings or use chemical cleaners, but take caution as it could cause leaching of toxic chemicals, lose its shape, and retain heat. But with your Groove ring, things become so much simpler and cleaner!

Why Silicone Rings are Safe

how to clean silicone ringIf you are like me, you frequently get into sticky, dirty, or just plain nasty situations. But rest assured, Groove rings are resilient. They are made of silicone which is inert and has a low surface energy. So it is almost impossible to get anything to stick to silicone (except for silly putty - just trust me.) Even glue has a tough time sticking to silicone, but that doesn’t mean you won't get yourself and your ring in some nasty situations.  In these circumstances, you'll want a deep clean your silicone ring.

I’m a fan of simple things and not wasting time. On a daily basis a good hand washing and drying is really all you need. To ensure you clean your hands of all germs, bugs, bacteria, and viruses that can cause sickness let’s go over proper handwashing.

Tips for Proper Handwashing

  • Turn on warm water and lightly wet your hands.
  • Apply soap to your hands.
  • Lather hands well.
  • Make sure to scrub fingertips and nails into the opposite palm.
  • Roll your Groove ring around slightly
  • Rub hands palm to palm vigorously for 20 seconds (sing Happy Birthday)
  • Place hands under warm water and rinse all soap off. Rub hands together under water.
  • Use a towel to dry hands.
  • Turn off faucet using a towel.

If you get wrist deep in a situation and feel that you need to give your Groove ring some extra special care and cleaning, here are a few suggestions for how to clean your silicone ring.

How to Clean Your Silicone Ring

Soak it.

how to clean silicone ring

Place a few drops of dish soap into a cup and fill with warm water. Drop your ring into the cup and let it soak. Take the ring out of the cup and if any grime is still present, rub the ring between your fingers as you rinse it off with water. The friction along with the soap and running water will loosen any sticky grime.

Throw it in the Dishwasher.

The dishwasher mixes soap, hot water, and pressure to clean the dishes. It can do the same for your Groove ring. Place your Groove ring in a basket or compartment more often used for washing small items such as baby bottle parts. Place it in the dishwasher and wash with your dishes as normal. When the dishwasher is through, just grab your clean ring and put it back on. 

No matter what you get your hands into it is quick and easy to keep your Groove silicone ring clean, just adding to the safety of a silicone ring