Men's Silicone Rings

Men's Silicone Rings By Groove Life

Groove Silicone Wedding Rings for Men are perfect for the athlete, hunter, professional, and outdoorsman.

About Groove Life's Men's Silicone Rings

Designed and tested in Alaska by Groove Life's CEO, Peter Goodwin, the best-selling Groove Original Ring is the world's first breathable men's silicone ring created for active lifestyles. Groove Original stands out for its breathable indented grooves which allow air in and moisture out, freeing you up to live actively, safely and comfortably. Successfully kickstarted in 2015, Groove Original surpassed its goal and launched a company!

Breathable grooves designed on interior of 80 durometer medical grade silicone made of two part construction; a soft outer band and firm inner band. Liquid poured with inverse "comfort fit" arch. Unisex. Low profile.

All Groove's men's silicone rings have our NO BS Lifetime Warranty. 8mm wide and 2mm (3/32" +-) thickness. Choose from eight color options. Sizes 7-14. Customization option includes text, image, monogram or state.

Men’s silicone rings, what are they and why should you care? We are glad you asked! In today’s fast-paced world of family, work, working out, sports, and hobbies we are always on the go. Men are in a variety of circumstance throughout the day that require clothing and accessories to be versatile. Enter the best Men’s wedding band ever.


  1. 1 | Flexible yet crazy tough
  2. 2 | Breathable Silicone Grooves Keep You Dry
  3. 3 | So freakin' comfortable you won't know it's there. Guaranteed
  4. 4 | Customizations that look DAAANG good
  5. 5 | No BS Warranty--Break It, Tear It or Lose it
  6. 6 | Groove Gives Back to heroes and kids

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