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Groove Life was built on dad strength.

Founder & CEO Peter, father of 4, worked tirelessly in his freezing garage in the Alaskan wilderness every night perfecting the first Groove Ring design, all while rocking his newborn baby.

Nothing says “I’m a dad” more than innovating in your garage, right?

So, for all of the dads out there just trying to make a livin’ and keep on tickin’ we’ve created the perfect gift guide to make this Father’s Day truly special.

This one’s for the Dad who’d rather bring dinner home from the field instead of the grocery store…

If the patriarch of your household prefers camo and ammo to a new grilling apron that says “Daddio of the patio”, then we’ve got the perfect collection for him!

Ever notice how the lights flickered when dad got angry? Or how he used his genius intellect to fix literally anything?

Well, you had good reason to be suspicious because Dad’s a super hero!

If the dad in your life shoots lasers from his eyes, we’ve got the perfect collection for him:

Is your dad the one who runs every marathon in the same old beat up pair of All Star sneakers he’s had since high school?

Or is he that dad that plays every rec league sport in town and can lift more than you can? Check out this collection before he beats you to it!

“How much you wanna bet I can throw a football over them mountains?”

Coach dad and his high-waisted shorts knows better than anyone what it takes to be a champion. If your dad coached your football, baseball, basketball and soccer team, then keep your eye on the ball and check out this collection before he benches you!

Who says dads can’t be cool? And when did wearing socks with sandals come back in style?

If your dad is so hip that he made you call him by his first name growing up, then we have the perfect collection for your cool dad and the guys in his band right here, bro!

This collection is for the dad who gives Tom Sawyer a run for his money.

If your dad is the craziest, most spontaneous, Indiana Jones box set owning person that you know, then we have the perfect collection for your adventurous dad!

Does your dad wear XL shirts, but somehow still has skinnier legs than your mom?

If your dad has just enough of a gut to peek through his shirt and eats a steady diet of beer and hot wings, then we have the perfect collection for him and his dad bod.

This is for the dad who binge watches Bob Vila because he’d rather build it himself.

If your dad built the back porch, front porch, and the garage he’s making your new bed frame in, we have the perfect collection for your DIY dad right here!