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Wallet + Money Clip

Wallet Features

Friction fit

Silicone bumpers keep your cards from sliding back down once arrayed.

Single Thumb Swipe

No more %@$&* levers! A smooth, single handed slide activation.

Secure Hold.

Mechanical card arm keeps the cards secure until you need them.

The Perfect Array.

Find the card you need. Immediately. Perfectly fans out up to 6 cards. Grab the one you need and easily slide it back in.

Tough as...

Premius materials, precision machined, metal mechanism, cycle tested to 150,000+

Money Clip

Black anodised, high strength 6063 aluminium alloy spring clip.

Card Sleeve

Real leather, detachable sleeve holds cash plus 2+ cards

Low Profile

8.5mm thin
12.5mm thin (including sleeve)

Single Thumb Swipe

Quickly arrays 6 cards for easy access

Secure Hold

Friction fit + mechanical arm holds cards in place

8 Card Capacity

Holds up to 8 cards (6 in wallet, 2 in sleeve)

Ultra Durable +
RFID Proof

Aerospace grade material to last a lifetime and block RFID transmission

We tested every wallet that we could find. We threw out the bad things, kept the good things, and made them even better!


  • Bull


    Whatever happens to your Groove Life gear, we're here to help.

  • Secure


    Securely holds your cards and cash.

  • Badge with a check mark


    Perfect design paired with premium materials makes Groove Life unique.


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